Angelina Jolie Talks Motherhood & Date Nights With Brad

Angelina Jolie spoke to British tabloid The Daily Mail, where she talked about balancing motherhood and professional acting and gave some more details on her life with Brad Pitt.

Angelina credits the birth of her twins as giving her the emotional background to relate to her lead character in Salt, sharing she was with the twins in her bedroom when she initially read the script.

“I remember I was with them in my bedroom and I flipped through the script. It was all about getting out there and attacking and being very physical and I did feel really funny, thinking, “If I can do this it would be a nice balance: the being soft at home and then going to work and filming this hard, physical role.”

Despite her dedication to her films, Angelina admits that she and Brad have a rule: they take turns making movies. Right now, Brad is filming Moneyball while she stays home with the six children in Southern California.

Keeping her relationship with Brad intact is very important to Angelina. She tells the Daily Mail that she and Brad schedule ‘date nights’ on a regular basis. She says, ” If you can hold it together – which is hard these days and a lot of people separate – then you have to work at it, and you have to make that time when you are not Mom and Dad once in a while.'”

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She was far too thin in Salt. We were watching this frail woman flinging about doing difficult stunts. I hope for her next movie she gains a little weight so it doesn’t seem like we’re watching a concentration camp survivor beating up the bad guys. Liked the movie anyway.


I think near the end when she was fighting with Liev….but other than that she seemed okay. Liked the movie alot.


I think near the end when she was fighting with Liev….but other than that she seemed okay to me. Liked the movie alot.