Helena Christensen Opens Up About Parenting

Supermodel Helena Christensen has had a busy modeling career, being one of the most recognizable faces around. She is also a respected photographer, and actually began modeling to allow her to fund her passion for photography.

Christensen keeps a relatively low-key lifestyle and stays out of the spotlight. She is occasionally spotted with her son Mingus, 10, whose father is her ex-husband Norman Reedus. In an interview with Babble, Christensen opened up about parenting her son, and giving advice to other parents.

On her biggest parenting challenge: Giving birth. Everything after that is a breeze! But really, [parenting] is the best thing ever. It’s the only true miracle still left in this world — that as a women you can give birth to another human being and get to be with this little person and watch them evolve. Everyday is exciting. Kids are so smart; it’s crazy.

On her advice for parents: I don’t know how to give advice. When you have a child, you learn something new every day and I couldn’t give any precise rules because there aren’t any. Every child is different. You’re different. I worried a lot when I had Mingus; the responsibility is so heavy if you think about it. If you think too much about it, it drives you crazy, so just let it happen. All [kids] really want is love and routine and a good night’s sleep and delicious food. He certainly complains if there’s not enough garlic in the food.

For the complete interview with Helena, visit Babble…

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. cara

    “I don’t know how to give advice” beautiful. sums up the humility that characterizes most really wonderful parents.

    and also…. how amusing…. giselle seems to have enough opinions for two supermodels so maybe she could share?

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