Jetsetters! Madonna And Family Take Off In Style

Madonna, along with her family and entourage say goodbye to Paris as they prepare to board a private jet at Le Bourget airport today (August 2.)

Madge brought along kids David Banda, 5, Mercy James, 4, Lourdes, 13, and Rocco, 10, for a Parisien adventure as she filmed her new flick W.E.

The kids got to hit up an amusement park and some French cafes while mom worked. How’s that for ‘Bring Your Kids To Work’ Day?

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Photo credit: Fame Pictures, Bauer-Griffin

  • Mel

    Access denied in the photos. I couldn’t see Mercy chothes, which look really stylish.

  • Anonymous

    That must be amazing to be able to travel the world, see all these new amazing places via private jets and luxury hotels, but that must suck to not be able to spend as much time with your parents. But either way, Madonna does seem like shes raising her kids well.

    • Anonymous

      Trust me, as a kid who has grown up with an incredibly priveliged lifestyle and who’s parents work hard to give me it….the vacations and nice hotels are great, but I’d give anything to see my parents more often. It does help though to have siblings.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know how often she spends time with her kids? We only get to glimpse into their lives for a few seconds, what about the other 23 hrs and 59 minutes? We don’t know what goes on with them either way so for all we know she could be spending a lot of time with them in private, we just don’t get to see it.

  • LaKesha

    When did Madonna tell us how often she spends time with her children?

  • Anonymous

    I so love her songs

  • Andreea

    lourdes is BEAUTIFULL!!

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