Brande Roderick: “Motherhood Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done”

Brande Roderick, former Playboy Playmate of The Year and star of Celebrity Apprentice Season 2, is now the proud mama of 4 1/2-month-old son Keaton. The new mom opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about starting sleep training to avoid feeling like a “walking zombie,” her adjustment into motherhood and her new book that talks about “Keaton’s journey into this world and how modern science gave me the greatest gift of my life.”

CBS: How is baby Keaton doing? What kind of a baby is he?

BR: “He was colicky the first 3 months and we haven’t slept in 4 months. But now that he’s 4 months old I’m able to start sleep training. So I called Jennifer at and got a one-on-one private consultation. Tonight will be night 5 of sleep training. She says it will take anywhere from the average of 4 nights to 10 nights. He’s been progressively getting better but I feel like a walking zombie at times. But now with the help of sleepyplanet, there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

CBS: How did you come up with his name?

BR: “My husband had been catching up with an old college friend of his and the friend had told him about his son Keaton, and a little light went on and he told me about it, and I loved it too!”

CBS: How have the first few months of motherhood been?

BR: “Motherhood is the best thing I’ve ever done or will ever do! However I must say it is so much harder than I ever imagined.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

BR: “I’m more paranoid about things now. I actually drive closer to the speed limit now. I won’t talk or text while driving. No more than 2 glasses of wine (not fun to take care of a baby while being hungover).”

CBS: Are you doing some of the things you said you’d ‘never’ do?

BR: “Not yet, but there’s still plenty of time for that!”

CBS: You starred on Baywatch. Did you become friends with any of your costars? Do you keep in touch with anyone?

BR: “Absolutely, some of my best friendships derived from Baywatch. Stacy Kamano, whom my family spent 4th of July with hers. And Alicia Rickter now Piazza, which we’ll be seeing over the summer as well.”

CBS: You appeared on Celebrity Apprentice 2 and made it to the final 4 alongside Jesse James. Have you been surprised by his scandal? Did you observe any signs that he was cheating on Sandra? Has your opinion of him changed?

BR: “I have to say I was completely shocked and before he came clean about it, a lot of people would ask me, ‘Do you think he did it?’ And I would say, ‘Absolutely not!’ only to find out days later that he had admitted to it. I couldn’t believe it. He showed no signs of being that type of man. He seemed to absolutely adore his wife. Of course my opinion has changed. Do I hate him? No. Do I hate what he did? Yes.”

CBS: Are you taking a break from showbiz for a while to be at home with Keaton?

BR: “No breaks here, I started my book tour off in New York on July 12th. Keaton will have been to 6 states by the time he’s 5 months old. He’s already a jet setter.”

CBS: Tell us about your book.

BR: “The book is called Bounce, Don’t Break Brande’s Guide To Life, Love, and Success. In the book I speak about Keaton’s journey into this world and how modern science gave me the greatest gift of my life.”

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