Gisele Bündchen Reacts To Controversial Breastfeeding Comment

Gisele Bündchen recently made headlines with a controversial statement about making breastfeeding mandatory for all new moms: “I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months,” the model mom said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

In a new statement released on her blog, Gisele clarifies her thoughts about breastfeeding and the impact caused by her comment:

My intention in making a comment about the importance of breastfeeding has nothing to do with the law. It comes from my passion and beliefs about children. Becoming a new mom has brought a lot of questions, I feel like I am in a constant search for answers on what might be the best for my child. It’s unfortunate that in an interview sometimes things can seem so black and white. I am sure if I would just be sitting talking about my experiences with other mothers, we would just be sharing opinions. I understand that everyone has their own experience and opinions and I am not here to judge. I believe that bringing a life into this world is the single most important thing a person can undertake and it can also be the most challenging. I think as mothers we are all just trying our best.”

What do you think about Gisele’s latest comments?

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  1. Ang

    She should refrain from speaking as often as possible.

  2. Audrey

    Much better way of puting it.

  3. Anonymous

    I personally people blew her comment completely out of porportipn. She was just stating her own opinion, just like we are allowed too. It’s not like she actually meant it should be a law, just what she believes is best for her kid.

  4. Anonymous

    I personally think people blew her comment completely out of porportipn. She was just stating her own opinion, just like we are allowed too. It’s not like she actually meant it should be a law, just what she believes is best for her kid.

  5. Janna

    I actually agree with Gisele. What I love most are the people who say that there’s no proof that breast milk is best for baby.

    Say what you will about breastfeeding but the simple fact is that the people who CAN do it but DON’T do it, simply don’t do it for their own selfish reasons.

    {I’m not talking about someone who CAN’T breastfeed for whatever reason. I’m talking about those that don’t want to be bothered. It’s like people who choose c-section out of convenience. It’s just stupid.}

  6. Jack109

    I feel like this second statement is more of a cop out and damage control. Notice that she doesn’t actually take back what she said or say “that’s not what I meant”. Her publicist just wants everyone to “like” her. I agree with her other statement. I think that all mothers should try and if they cant then they should pump and if they cant do that after REALLY trying then formula should be given by prescription only. Like Janna said, choosing not to breastfeed is like having a scheduled c-section by choice not for medical reasons, its purely selfish and selfish is never good when it comes to someonelse’s health especially an infants.

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely with the breast-feeding/c-section thing.

      However, I don’t think its a “cop out.” She’s made many controversial statements and she always stands behind them. I think this time she just felt that it was taken way out of context and didn’t express her feelings correctly so she wanted to clear it up. If you read the entire article it makes much more sense how she meant it. She was holding Benjamin in her arms, and she just kind of said it. It doesn’t seem like they were discussing this subject at all. However, the media loves to pick out these quotations because…well….just look at the response! Its unfair, but I hope Gisele is a bit more careful from here on out and realizes that everything she says will be printed and nitpicked.

    • Anonymous

      And I suppose you’re going to pay my bills so that I can be off work more than 12 weeks in order to breast feed my son for 6 months to a year? Well, gee thanks!

      • Anonymous

        There is such a thing as pumping milk, so please stop the sarcasm. Mothers who are perfectly capable (physically and mentally healthy) of breastfeeding, but CHOOSE to bottlefeed for whatever lame reason is insanity.
        How could you jusitfy feeding your baby crap from a can just because you don’t feel like waking up an extra hour early to pump some breast milk before you go to work?
        I just do not understand.

        • Anonymous

          what do you suggest mothers who have had double mastectomies do or mothers who have children born with clef palate do? Some women just don’t produce milk it happens they aren’t lazy or don’t want to and so what if women do formula feed their children. They have every right to and they should be made to feel guilty about their choice.

          • Erika

            Obviously that’s a different situation, but if it were my situation, I would find a breastmilk donor before I ever fed my baby formula.

          • AnnieMouse

            I’d love to breast feed, but as an adoptive mother it’s not an option for me. I’m glad to hear you’ve got an endless bank account to afford a donor (ewww by the way), but what do you suggest us normal people with budgets do? I think focusing on raising and loving my child is more important than worrying about whether I’m feeding breast milk or formula! Breast feeding is best? Nah, I think FEEDING is best! Choosing formula doesn’t make anyone less of a good mother…people need to climb down from their pedestals before they fall flat on their faces

          • Janna

            Would everybody stop with this nonsense.

            NO ONE is saying that mothers who CAN’T breastfeed should breastfeed. That’s stupid, and was never suggested. OF COURSE there are reasons people can’t breastfeed. THIS IS NOT ABOUT THEM!

          • Anonymous

            haha.. i love to hear that donor milk is gross! You do realize there is cows milk in formula right? unless you get soy… but I guess a different animals milk isnt gross.. yall are crazy!

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  7. Cabos

    Well, it comes from the fact of being famous. You say something, people will react, especially if you’re FAMOUS. And if i’m not mistaken this is the second time she has to make extra explanations from things she says. They’re opinions, yeah. But an opinion made by someone who’s world wide famous. So it does get a world wide attention and reaction. Especially something as private as breasfeeding.

    She said that every woman SHOULD breastfeed and that it should be a LAW. PERIOD. She didn’t expand or gave a more detailed explanation for such controversial “opinion”. She didn’t consider the so many issues that women go through in terms of breastfeeding, which have nothing to do with whether you want to breastfeed or not. So i’m sorry but she made it BLACK or WHITE herself to begin with!

    So Gisele, next time please just THINK before you open your mouth! Simple.

    • Anonymous

      Like I’ve stated here before, when read in the context of the interview you see this quotation in a totally different light. Its not like she did the interview to talk about breast-feeding or there was a whole discussion about it, she was holding Benjamin in her arms (she may have been feeding him at the time) and she just said it.
      It seems like it had nothing to do with anything, but the interviewer put it in the article anyway knowing what kind of responce it would get. Gisele didn’t clarify it at the time because it was not a topic of discussion in the interview.

      • Anonymous

        Where did you read the entire interview the magazine comes out on August 5th. If you read the Boston Hearld who got more exerpts she says she only breast feed for three weeks because the paparazzi would take pictures of her at Starbucks breastfeeding. Either that is a lie or she lied in her American Vogue interview where she said she didn’t go out of the house for two months and when Vogue sent their interviewer over to her home in Boston in Feburary she was breastfeeding. Does she even know what the truth is?

        • Anonymous

          There are scans of the magazine article/pictures on some sites. I clicked on the scans, enlarged them and read the article.

          About the Boston Herald article, I haven’t read that article in particular because I can’t stand the herald, but there was another an article about Gisele’s comment on other website which mentioned a celeb mom (forgot the name, but it wasn’t Gisele) who stopped breast-feeding because of the Starbucks incident. Again, it was NOT Gisele so either the Herald got it wrong (as they often do, especially when copying articles from other sites, which they always do as well) or you can’t read.

  8. Anonymous

    Anyone with half a brain can tell that this is not meant to be taken literally. Do you seriously think she was suggesting that they write this into the US constitutiona nd have breast-feeding police that go to make sure new moms aren’t using formula?! You people are so ridiculous! lol!
    Its an expression- that’s all! I always say that there should be a law against plastic surgery. That doesn’t mean I’m about to march into Congress, its just a way of expressing how much I hate the idea of plastic surgery.
    This is no different. Gisele thinks breast-feeding is very important and she’s just expressing that. Take it for what it is and chill out.

  9. Anonymous

    All controversies aside, look what a cutie Benjamin is!!!

  10. Lola P

    What the hell EVER…. No one cares about a woman who’s job it is to look pretty… Please. I think this woman is one of the most insensitive and thoughtless woman alive. Everything she says, is taken out of context… Are you kidding me? She’s just rude… From offending the mother of her husband’s FIRST child, to claiming the child himself, to saying child birth was easy as walking to the corner store, to talking about her baby being a genius and being able to poop, wipe and flush the toilet at 6 months of age… And now this… Just STFU already, stupid lady.

    • Jack109

      Actually a lot of people care otherwise she wouldn’t be doing interviews. Also elimination communication is not the baby wiping and flushing the toilet, its about the parents reading the signs a baby gives before they go. Its more training the parents than it is the child, but you’d know that if you looked things up before blindly judging someone for having an opinion in life.

    • Janna

      Wow… way to completely misquote what she said about potty training her baby. Where’s the interview where she sad he wipes and flushes the toilet? You put words in her mouth and then complain about those words.


  11. Moore1

    I think people took it too seriously, read too deep into it as if she’s actually going to work on a law. I highly doubt she’s going to force mother’s to breastfeed but I do think breastfeeding is healthy and even better that its free.

  12. Anonymouse

    Ah, is that whats wrong with you? I was expecting some weird analogy about how this old time actor and that old time actor didn’t BF their baby and yet they turned into some incredible actress anyway.

  13. whorwe2judge

    Like she said on her blog, its very much a black/white issue. no one is right, no one is wrong. its HER opinion, just like all YOU judgmental persons feel obligated to give yours. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with people expressing their own opinions in their own interviews, LOL. Isn’t that what an interview is all about? what you think she is the most successful model of all times just sitting in interviews twiddling her thumbs and twirling her hair? lol I acutally appreciate a model with a voice. Shows she thinks outside the box!

  14. biscuits

    way taken out of context,WAYYYYYY. kudos for speaking about issues she is passionate about though. Id rather hear a female celeb have a voice, than laugh and act perfect, when really they are out tootin coke every night and “hookin up”….what a crime, a mom who talks constantly about her child and her experience! *GASP* (every normal new mom I know cant shut up about their children either) they just dont get paid for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar interviews. lol. I bet half the people here are not even moms, and I know more than half havent even read the interview yet!

  15. stumpleupon

    People are definitely taking this WAY outta control. its pathetic. what you expect models to just sit their and not say a word???? and when they do actually have something interesting to say and can hold a conversation its controversial???? gimme a break!

  16. geminijam

    Breastfeeding is and always will be THE best option. period. has been working for ages. Breastfeeding (not talking about if you are unable to) but breastfeeding should be more popular and talked about! Shame Americans rely on too many new technologies and formulas to raise their children.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a shame American women aren’t given 6 months to a year of paid maternity leave in order to breast feed. Why do you think breast feeding is more popular in Europe than the U.S.? Women in those countries have the opportunity to breast feed unlike women in the U.S. I don’t get any paid maternity leave at all. It took everything my husband and I had to save up enough money to cover 12 weeks of FMLA. If I don’t return to work after that 12 week period, I’ll be fired. If people really want women in the U.S. to breast feed more often, then I suggest they work on changing the draconian maternity leave laws in this country.

  17. Heart

    Oooooooooh! That baby is all kinds of cute!!!!!

  18. Benjamindarling

    wow funny all the prude Americans are the ones with the problems, but the brazilians on her blog are all commending her and agreeing. wow America lets get it together! we are horrible. now wonder so many countries look down upon our morals (or lack thereof) we rely to much on easy fixes and technology. whatever happened to good old fashioned way of living and parenting? or when people actually smiled at you in the supermarket….
    Im moving to Brazil! I like their way of thinking! and they generally look happier and livelier in pictures than all you scowling americans. ugh make me sick

    • Anonymous

      Maybe American women are scowling because they wish they had the nice, long, paid maternity leave policies that other countries grant new mothers. Instead, we have FMLA which is only 12 weeks and is unpaid. I would love to stay home with my son for 6 months to a year and breast feed him, but I can’t afford to loose my job if I hope to eat, pay my mortgage, and heat my house. If people in this country really cared about breast feeding, they’d work on getting the draconian maternity leave laws in this country changed.

  19. Anonymous

    I think we all know that the reason this is such a “controversy” is because Gisele said it. Had it been anyone else, people would have been applauding the woman for talking about breast-feeding. A lot of women (especially on these celeb gossip sites) have a lot of unnatural anger towards Gisele and attack her for everything she says.
    For example, there was so much backlash about her loving her step-son, which still baffles me. I’ve heard plenty of other celebs say they consider their step-child their own and they’re praised for it.
    The hatred some have towards Gisele is unhealthy. And the funny thing is that these people still care to hear what she has to say and are very affected by her words. There are plenty of celebs I don’t care about and you know what I do? I don’t read about them, and I certainly don’t comment on their posts!

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t just come out as pro-breast feeding. If she’d done that, then most would have agreed with her. She stated that there should be law forcing everyone to live the way she lives and do what she does. There’s a difference between the two. Stumping for something you believe in is one thing. Forcing everyone else to believe the same thing under penalty of jail time is something completely different.

      • Anonymous

        You know what’s funny? I don’t think it would have made much of a difference if she had been “politically correct” and only said that she loves breast-feeding and thinks mother should choose to do that if able. People would’ve attacked her anyway- it has nothing to do with the “law” thing, but everything to do with the fact that women don’t like hearing a beautiful and successful supermodel who has it all figured out advocate something that goes against their own experience and makes them feel inadequate.
        Its like when she described her positive birthing experience- women were outraged and furious with her even though she was only sharing her experience and not telling anyone else what to do.

    • cholostromfed

      could not agree more! If it were saint jolie or somebody who everyone seems to love they would be being praised right now for sharing their “other-worldly” opinions. I will never understand why saying she loved her step son was so bad either. Guess if she had said she hated him, people would have liked her? internet babysitters confuse me. lol

  20. momlogic

    giving a baby a bottle is 10x easier and more convenient for the mom, sure…but is it for the baby…? its a quick fix generally speaking. Breast-feeding is a more bonding moment and should be more embraced. As long as Benjamin is happy and healthy thats all that matters. and Im more than positive he is. thanks Gisele, for speaking up on something I too feel so strongly about! what a nice change.

  21. coolmary

    wow a celeb who is not censored by their pr agents??????? How cool!bout time!
    I actually like her more now.

  22. Anonymous

    I can’t believe she had to clear this up because people without a brain took what she said literally.
    Does this mean that when I say something like “He’s so annoying I just wanna punch him!” I have to go back and clear up the fact that I’m actually not going to punch the guy but I’m just EXPRESSING my frustration?

    These “controversies” arise only because there are hundreds of celeb gossip websites and thousands of people who have nothing better to do with their time than hate on someone they don’t know.
    Get a life and another person’s words won’t bother you as much, I promise.

    • canimarryu

      can i marry you? your last sentence made me laugh, because to tell you the truth, I just lost my job recently and have found my self more bound to the computer and celeb gossip sites than ever before. My boyfriend,sister,cousin,mom,dad,etc.. would laugh at me right now if I told them “did you hear about gisele” The celeb obsessed population is only a small minority. usually consisting of tween bubble gum chewing girls and gay guys, and the occasional loner. Most normal people can care less bout this stuff.

      Guess I gotta watch out next time I say I just wanna die after I bump my foot on the table. hope my family and friends dont take it out of context and begin planning my funeral the next day! eek

  23. Castlebank

    to Anonymouse: finally a reasonable well educated person who knows their stuff. kudos! More and likely the one having the problems with Gisele are fans of other models (yes they stalk her and get mad that their dumb model isnt the famous one,getting all the great work) and the others are 16 year old tween girls who are no where even close to having their first boyfriends, let alone babies!

  24. junebug21

    To the critics and haters wishing her to shut up and go away, I hope you know when mags see how much publicity and reaction this is getting, they are gonna flock to Gisele for their next coverstory! so really if you want her to go away, simply don’t worry and don’t click on the link,where her name is written. I’m sure there is a Anna Wintour Vogue US cover in talks as we speak. Gisele gets reaction (whether good or bad) she gets it, and mags are gonna eat that up!

  25. Courtney

    people that are jumping to say eourope is more open to breastfeeding that maybe true now it wasn’t back in the 70’s ask Kelly Clark whose mother academy award nominated actress Lynn Redgrave was fired for doing it with her in Lynn’s own private dressing room of a BCC show she was appearing on at the time. and Lynn rightfully and Successfully sued the producers/distributers of the show for wrongful termination over it. though it took thirteen years for the case to be settled in Ms Redgrave’s favor. Gisele needs a major reality check.

  26. catherinemarie

    somehow I always considered drugs,cheating,murder,etc…to be controversial. don’t see how a mother proclaiming she prefers breastfeeding is even in the same category, but OooohhhhhK. I think you guys should turn on the world news and turn off the gossip news and see what controversial really means.

  27. IamME

    Some people are just way too hard on Giselle. Will take any word from her mouth and take it literally, word by word. Jealous much. Hahahhahaha!

    • Anonymous

      And Gisele is way too hard on other women or I mean garbage disposals.

      • Anonymous

        Her garbage disposal comment was dead on. Many women do eat more than they should during pregnancy because they see it as an excuse to gain weight without being judged for it. I don’t remember Gisele saying that that applies to every mother except her, she said “some” women. Therefore, if you did eat healthy during the pregnancy you should not be offended. Or do you advocate that women should eat excessively during pregnancy?

  28. Poof

    Poor Gisele. They made her retract her wise comments and replaced them with a crafty PR statement by her publicist. I hate how ridiculously PC we have gotten. BREAST IS BEST and it always will be.

    • Anonymous

      People aren’t disputing that breast milk is best for babies. People have a problem that she thinks it should be forced by the government under penlty of law. She didn’t make a very educated statement.

      • Anonymous

        Its not her fault people are dumb enough to think that she meant that literally. So the next time I get a migraine and say something like “I just wanna die,” I should then clarify to everyone that I don’t actually want to die and I was just expressing the excessive pain I’m in?!
        One thing is for sure, people may know how to read but they aren’t the brightest when it comes to extracting the main point from someone’s words.

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t retract her comments, she just said that they were taken out of context. Unfortunately, people chose not to use their brains and took what she said literally.
      FYI, she doesn’t have a publicist.

  29. Anonymous

    So her response is that she said that there should be an international law making it mandatory that women breastfeed their babies for 6 months but that isn’t what she meant.

  30. Anonymous

    I never liked anything about Gisele until now! I think she is completely right. She is a fantastic mother!!

  31. Anonymous

    She is right about it! She has her opinion and like she said as a mother everything changes. Just because she said something you didn´t like, lets not forget all the awesome thing she has done, it no reason to call her a bich or selfcenter person! She has done alot for the ones who need. Now she is doing it for her kid too.

  32. Anonymous

    Im your so called 1% who cant breast feed for medical reasons. Im on meds for seizures and traces of the meds are in my breastmilk. Everyday i feel guilty and im sure there are alot of other people who feel the same who can not breast feed. I also know alot of people who werent breastfeed and they grew up healthy and very smart. I wish people would stop making other feel guilty for not breastfeeding their baby. What do you suggest i do still breastfeed when there’s traces of meds in my milk and take the chances of the meds affecting my baby???? .

    • Anonymouse

      You yourself just admitted that you DO produce breastmilk, therefore you are not in my “so called 1%” are you?

      And you do have options. Many anti-seizure medications are considered safe to use while breastfeeding, or you could go the route that I mentioned in my previous post. There is ALWAYS an option.

      • RBizzie

        You are sooooo infuriating!!! IT IS A MOTHER’S choice I was going to let this go but to suggest she go through a medication change that could have serious implications for her and the baby. Let her and the rest of the women make thier own choices. It is really NONE of your business what they choose to do with their family. That goes for Gisele too. American society is NOTHING like other societies of the world whatever choice we decided to make is OUR choice and you have got to get that through your head! Let us worry about the consequences. I have friends who have had babies and some have breast fed and some have not and in my experience of it the non-breast fed children are not walking around sick or dumb. The reality of it is this both breast fed and non breast fed children get sick, or do not do well in school, I could be wrong but I thought humans were cabable if forming antibodies on their own if they had too? I thought this was true that production of antibodies is the main function of the humoral immune system. Meaning that if babies do not get the antibodies from mom they are still capable of making them on their own. Stop making people feel like they are harming their children severly if they do not have them hanging off their tit for two years. I am not an advote for formula or for breast feeding, I am an advocate for free choice, and feeding hungry children even if it is NOT breast milk.

        • Anonymous

          Being a mother comes with responsibilities. One of them is providing your child with the milk your body has been made to produce for that very reason. If you are physically unable (which is a very low % of women), that’s okay. But other than that I see no valid reason why a mother should withhold that milk from her child. Its not about the mother all the time- you are responsible for another life and you should take that responsibility very seriously. If you are not willing or ready to make sacrifices, don’t become a mother.
          Its great that you have freedom of choice, but that doesn’t mean you should abuse that freedom. You haven’t been given that right so you can do whatever you want to or do what is most convenient for you. You have been given the right to choose based on the assumption that you will learn, reason and decide on the best course of action for yourself and those around you. In this case, the best thing to do is breast-feed if you are able (and that is a fact).
          Just because there is formula on the grocery store shelf doesn’t mean that its an equally good choice as breast-milk. There is alcohol on the shelves too, but that doesn’t mean I’m as well off drinking a bottle of vodka as I am a bottle of water. I’ve been given a brain, and its up to me to make the best choice.
          You have been given a brain, too-use it.

  33. Anonymous

    I love it that Tom Brady married an idiot….that’s what he gets for marrying based on looks….I betcha she wears the pants in the family…

  34. donbefooled

    Better put….I thank the person who wrote it for her.

  35. donbefooled

    Better put….I thank the person who wrote it for her.

  36. internetmaina

    well I watched all gossip shows last night and guess what? not one mention about it! All they showed was her cover and how hot mama Gisele looks. controversial is charlie sheen going to rehab,lindsay getting out of jail and oh yeah…The stupid bacherlorette girl. In the real world off the internet, this is not even known and would not even have been blown out of proportion. I officially worry about internet dwellers. If this gets them going, I don’t even wanna see what bigger problems do for their blood levels. can’t be healthy! ease up,take a nice long walk, and dont sit at your computer for a few days. voila. what others say, more and likely won’t bother you so much! The internet is crap.

  37. QueenGforev

    I think like her and I feel the same on a lot of issues (and sometimes , I feel like no one agrees with me) but I don’t care. I have high morals and believe in saying what YOU feel strongly about. There is not one thing wrong with it! If anything it shows me she is a willing,learning,very active new mom, who just lives,breathes their child. (as most moms do (or should). Keep doing what you are doing! You are a great role model, and I would rather see a model talk about her life and motherhood, than stumbling drunk out of clubs everynight and not spending much time with their sons/daughters like new model mom Alessandra Ambrosio. At least to me, Gisele seems real dedicated. All her new interviews are about motherhood and I know why, she can’t stop thinking about that beautiful little boy Benjamin, even when she is working, lol. She got to the top and has stayed there for a reason. No one has a Gisele personality!

  38. lolz126

    The word “formula” says it all. Sounds like something out of a laboratory.

  39. lolz126

    Just like you all have strong opinions on the matter, Gisele (a model) is not allowed to? sounds double standard to me. I checked her blog and many breastfeeding advocates and new moms, healthcare professionals who feel the same way (i know plenty myself) are praising her for speaking up on the issue. So while she may have lost a few, she is gaining more supporters by the second. particularly well educated mothers. Maybe the jealous tween girls are backing off, but that’s fine. who needs their support? lol

  40. Lioness

    My goodness me… people really need to find something to do. I personally agree with her that if it’s physically possible to breastfeed without harming you or the baby, then you absolutely should do it. But if you DON’T agree with her (or me), why on earth would you waste time getting angry? Just seems silly to me. You do what’s right for you- if you don’t want to breastfeed, DON’T. Stop worrying about whether celebrities- who don’t know you- are judging you or people like you. There’s no reason to call her names or judge her, she was just stating an opinion. I think it’s self-righteous of people to assume she was thinking things that she didn’t say. Get a grip, folks.

  41. lionesssss

    WOW Most celebrities didn’t even graduate from high school, whereas a lot of models choose to continue their education. And celebrities are incredibly fake – their so-called personalities are programmed into them by their PR people, their fashions are dictated by stylists, every thing they do and say is staged. Get real! If this were Angelina Jolie everyone would be oohing and ahhing at this very instant.

  42. Crazy4u

    Back in the 90s (when Supermodels were huge) There was a supermodel backlash when the women and their personailities became bigger than the clothes they were trying to sell, and it became TOO much. This all leads me to believe that Gisele really is the last famous,important model. Just as Naomi,Claudia,Christy have all stated. Regular models out there (even Victorias Secret) ones are lucky to even get 1 mention on 1 measly gossip website after they did or said something ridiculously stupid.

  43. Jackieoo

    I think its awesome Gisele has never done model shoots with her men. (when most models do). She has struck me as a very down to earth, unshy girl. There should be no controversy in that. If it were a man, there would be no issues right now….

  44. Anonymous

    The women who interviewed her wrote an article about the comment and she’s pissed at the backlash called: “My Interview With Gisele Bundchen: Is it really Breast-feeding causing all this hysteria?”
    Here’s what she said and she’s dead on:

    A furor has broken out over an interview I wrote for British Harper’s Bazaar about Gisele Bundchen. It’s really a gloriously celebratory piece about her post-partum body, her unparalleled modelling career and her infectious joie de vivre. But yes, she also made some comments about the importance of breastfeeding. Gisele has always been extremely passionate about a variety of issues – environmental preservation, mental and physical health and motherhood. And now it seems we can add breastfeeding to that list.
    The bit that outraged the mummy brigade was where she said it should be “a law” for mothers to breastfeed for at least six months. “How dare someone so beautiful and rich make us feel bad about ourselves?”, they shrieked.
    I can understand why. Gisele has bounced back to her pre-motherhood weight, but that surely is just a freak of genetics. She finds breastfeeding to be easy. But we all know mothers who don’t, despite their best efforts, and thus have to rely on formula. In America, where maternity leave lasts all of five minutes and employers think they are being incredibly kind to provide office “lactation rooms”, six months is an impossible length of time. Which is exactly what Gisele is trying to highlight. Gisele knows only too well that not every mother can enjoy the freedoms she does. And she is not a politician. So hold on a sec: the Gisele Breastfeeding Rule is not waiting to be signed into law. She is just a passionate new mother with an opinion.
    I found her to be warm, maternal, energetic, nurturing and passionate – quite the opposite to the steely glamour queen we see swaggering down the runway and gracing the world’s press today.
    The resulting outcry shows just how passionately women feel about the issues Gisele has raised. So let’s celebrate the fact that she’s made us talk about the pros and cons of breastfeeding, and not hang the supermodel out to dry.

  45. princessjass

    oh my who is the woman who interviewed her? I want to know her name! Maybe the magazines since they all know and love gisele, didn’t realize how many jealous haters she has/had out there who criticize her every move. kudos harpers bazaar uk and I was waiting for them to somewhat make an apology or statement on her!!!

  46. Anonymous

    In case anyone was wondering what women in other countries are saying about this, the following is from the New Dehli Chronicle (and pretty much represents the general international consensus from all I’ve read):

    Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding : Storm over making breast feeding compulsory has taken the model by surprise

    A comment that had little significance has become an international news and in my view a great thing for infants. Gisele Bundchen, a top South American model has said that breastfeeding must be made compulsory by the law.

    She says that merely six weeks after delivery she was able to regain her natural shape and figure as well as her confidence only because she breastfed her child.

    But her obviously sane words have not gone down well with women who talk of women emancipation and feminists.

    She also ridiculed formula milk that many new mothers use in the US and many European countries over their own breast milk that has the best nutritious contents for their kids.

  47. Anonymous

    Another good article (it seems that everyone except celeb-gossiping American mothers agree with Gisele):

    JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – August is breast feeding awareness month. Ironically the topic is getting some extra attention upon the heels of model Gisele Bundchen’s statement about it. She’s quoted saying, there should be a worldwide law that mothers breast feed their babies. The statement is offending some, but there is a lot of research backing it up.

    Coming closer to meet one-month-old Jayla. She is Cristina Sykes second child, but it’s the first time this two time mom is breastfeeding. She says there are some regrets from not trying with her first.

    “I do because I feel like we would have more of a bond from the beginning,” says Cristina.

    A stronger emotional connection is just one of the many benefits.

    Some of the ways mom benefits is it helps to bring the uterus back to a normal size, it helps with weight loss and reduces risk for some cancers.

    There are even some adoptive mothers trying it out.

    “Even moms who adopt and never delivered can actually breast feed,” says Leisa Kennedy, a breastfeeding peer counselor for the Arkansas Dept. of Health’s WIC program.

    The list for the way baby’s benefit is much longer. Here is just a few: breast milk changes and taylors to the baby’s needs so it’s better for the specific baby, it’s more easily digested, it helps vaccines work better, it may reduce the risk of SIDS or childhood cancers and may even prevent obesity.

  48. RBizzie

    Okay Gisele has her opinions to share and I have an experience. When my daughter was born I was on active duty in the US Army. My was “maternity leave” FOUR WEEKS. Her father was deployed, and I was not too far behind him. I was given patossin to help me dialate and that sent her and me into distress. So emergency C-Section. Now I had every intention on breast feeding her but because my body was heavily medicated, stressed, and in severe pain that did not happen for four days. So she was given formula and I was HAPPY for her to have it, why because she almost died and I could not be happier that she was alive, healthy, and with no complications. It took another week for my breast milk to come in and I tried breast feeding but guess what she did not want it she wanted the formula!

    Where was my time to locate a breast milk bank (if that was even what I wanted to do) I was happy with and able to afford in Maryland where she would be while I was in Jordan? It was hard enough for me to go and to accept that she would spend her first six months bonding with my mother instead of me. So whats a young mother to do? I could not get out of the service because we have to eat and pay bills and have a roof over our head. So I gave her what she would eat I think that is a no brainer for any parent busy or not. I am not going to have my child starving because I am determined to give her only the best…I think feeding a hungry child is what is best. Now she is ten years old and a straight A student, healthy, and happy, and very intelligent. To look at her you may even think she was breast fed because breast fed children have an aura about them that makes them stand out from other children! They are superhuman!

    So the bottom line is because of circumstances that were in place when I was giving birth my choices had to be different and that is the reality of it how many times in your life did you have the best of intentions and you just could not pull it off?? I only hope the best for Gisele and the rest of the women who feel the way she does. I hope that when sacrafice does surface in their life as I am sure at sometime it will, that whatever they have to sacrafice for the overall well being of their family won’t be something really big meaning that in the grand scheme of things is this debate about all of this really that important? I am sure there are parents in Iraq and Afghanistan who would love to be home breast feeding right now.

    • Anonymous

      For the MILLIONTH time, when someone says something like this they are speaking of the general population (its impossible to follow every statement up with every situation that is an exception). If you have valid reasons for why you couldn’t breast-feed your child, you shouldn’t be offended by this statement. If you can’t, you can’t. I think the point is that, generally speaking, if a woman is able to breast-feed her child, she should because that is the best option. And its just Gisele’s opinion, that’s all! Nobody’s going to march into congress proposing this “law” anytime soon.

      • RBizzie

        In response to the millionth time comment women are so fired up about this because they ARE made to feel wrong or even inadequate about the choices they have to make concerning THEIR children. I just shared an experience so that the impact of this type of all or nothing attitude toward breast feeding can be seen from another point of view. Women are upset by this because of the implications that a statement like this makes. It is her opinion but it is not JUST her opinion, from reading the comments on this forum (some hostile) many other people feel like this should be a LAW. For me its the fact that it is a personal choice that each mother has to make for herself and to say a mother SHOULD do this or that and then make comments about her choice as if she flippant, or complacent about the health of her child is polarizing. Gisele opened an already wriggling can of worms, her comments may have been meant in a very harmless way but there are those out there who are convicted to this and ready to head to capitol hill over it. That is where I have the problem with it. Look at it this way maybe there is something that you have made a choice on regarding your children and someone has taken issue with it, would you like to continually hear how horribly wrong and irresponsible you are for your choice? Too bad breast milk does not have a nutrient in it that causes people to learn how to mind their own business.

  49. RBizzie

    Seriously?, you are the reason so many women are made to feel that they are less of a mother because they did not breast feed. Even though a woman may physically be able to breast feed sometimes circumstances get in the way. Maybe they are on anti depressants, or any other medication that they cannot give their child? Maybe they are poor and cannot afford a wet nurse ( will you go into a poor, high crime area to be a wet nurse for free?) or live in an area where there are not breast milk banks available?
    Maybe they were like me in the Army and getting ready to deploy 2 months after I gave birth while trying to recover from an emergency C-Section? you are a nurse so you should know about C-Section patients not being able to breast feed right away and my doctor told me not to breast feed while I was still taking my pain medication. ALL THE PUMPING in the WORLD would make no difference when I am 4000 miles away. I am sad that you have been as you say “allowed to have children” because you are teaching your children that there is only one way and everything is black and white NO GREY AREAS!!

    I had one baby that I did not breast feed and one that I was able to breast feed so I have experienced both sides and guess what BOTH of my children are happy and healthy. This is irresponsible rhetoric from you and to not be in support of any mother trying to do her best for her baby is disheartening. To pass judgement on a person when you do not know all of the facts is malice in its purest form. Give people a break because you never know what challenges you may face in your life where you do not want to be judged.

  50. RBizzie

    Too Bad breast milk does not have a nutrient in it that causes people to learn how to mind their own business and think about the words that are coming out of your mouth before they speak, or better yet to respect someone else’s right to make their own decisions! Oh yeah you learn that from your parents breast fed or not!

    • Anonymous

      Gisele is a well-known celebrity.
      Celebrities are put in magazines and interviewed.
      During these interviews, they must say things.
      They usually don’t talk about the weather because that would be boring so they talk about their personal experiences, and in many cases, their opinions on stuff.
      Gisele shared her opinion on breast-feeding saying that that’s the best thing for a child, and she thinks all mothers should do it.

      If you agree with her, hooray!
      If you disagree, you’re entitled to your opinion and may by all means work your way up to becoming a celebrity and then bash her in your own magazine interview. Either way, there is no reason to be so moved and/or frustrated by another person’s OPINION!

      • RBizzie

        It was the opinion of men 100 years ago and even some today that women should not vote, that women were not smart enough to have a posistion higher than a secretary or even if that they should work at all and they ACTED on that opinion. So yes opinions are something to get understanding of, voice and dispute. I realize that something like this topic is extreme, however, opinions and POWER to influence others is dangerous.

  51. Carey79

    I don’t agree with Gisele but I won’t turn into a psycho because of her comment. After reading comments here and other places I get worried about the huge increase of mental illness in our country. Only God can save the next generations if their mothers go crazy just because of stupid fashion model’s comments.
    Since everybody goes insane after reading any Gisele’s comment. I can’t even imagine how people would behave if Gisele’s mother who raised six daughters talked about anything. Perhaps the woman breastfeed each one of her daughters for a long time?

  52. Anonymous

    I think it shouyld be a law that this woman should keep her mouth shut as much as possible. What a bimbo.

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  57. Anonymous

    I think its awesome Gisele has never done model shoots with her men. (when most models do). She has struck me as a very down to earth, unshy girl. There should be no controversy in that. If it were a man, there would be no issues right now….
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