Bethenny Frankel: Already Thinking Of Baby Number 2?

Real Housewives Of New York City star Bethenny Frankel just gave birth to daughter Bryn two-months ago, but it sounds like things are going so well she’s already thinking of having another!

Calling her newborn “the perfect baby” Bethenny sounds like she is loving motherhood. “She’s absolutely beautiful and she’s so sweet,” Bethenny told Us. “She’s a doll – like you opened up a box and a doll came out.”

“[She’s] giggling, smiling and making lots of noises right now,” she added.

So with parenting life so sweet, are she and husband Jason Hoppy already talking about having another baby? Bethenny says they’re thinking about it. “Jason wants to have one more,” she said. “No plans right now, but conversations [are happening].”

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey, why not have another, if you can afford to hire a second live-in full-time “baby nurse!” Any baby is perfect as long as someone else has to do all the hard work…

  2. Janna

    I couldn’t agree more. People gush about this woman, absolutely gush, and I don’t get it. She seems like a nice person, no doubt, but there is nothing about her life that is remotely interesting and it’s clear that the only reason she talks about Baby #2 is for attention. “Oh, look at her! Already wanting another! Isn’t that sweet!”.

    Uh, no.

  3. Anonymous

    This isn’t something new. As a fan of her and the show, this has been discussed by her and Jason many times before baby Bryn even got here. He’s so in love with having children and has been trying to talk her into having another one. I don’t think she is trying to “get more attention”. Personally, I am really happy for her. Oh, and don’t you think that part of this is a question that the media asks all the time? Did you forget that they’re always trying to get ahead on the “next story”? I am pregnant with my first and the closer it gets, the more I am completely freaked out. If I had the money, I would hire a full time nurse to help out the first month or two as well.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m a fan of the show and I definitely think you should go for baby #2….Bryn needs a buddy to play with!! being an only child can be lonely and if you enjoy motherhood so much, why not? nothing is more important than raising your kids and enjoying every moment with them as you watch the grow. I also think you should definitely do a second show….it would be nice to see the Hoppy’s living as a family!

  5. Anonymous

    Bethennny, I think you should definitely consider having a second baby. All of your comments have gone on and on about Jason being such a great partner and father and you can afford it …why not??? after all you are almost 40 and if it is possible have another baby so you want regret that you didn’t when it is too late. As wonderful as your husband seems I think you should, please your husband I feel he deserves more love and attention from you.

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