Is Eddie Cibrian Cheating On LeAnn Rimes With Ex-Wife Brandi Glanville?

Because of a recent tabloid story, rumors are swirling that Eddie Cibrian is cheating on girlfriend LeAnn Rimes with his ex-wife Brandi Glanville. But Eddie is denying the reports, taking to Twitter to blame Brandi for starting the rumors.

Once again my ex has stooped to a new low attempting to sabotage my beautiful relationship with LeAnn.

A source close to Brandi insists the story is true and that the affair did happen – but not recently. Supposedly the hookup happened right after Eddie and LeAnn went public with their relationship, but sometime after divorce papers were filed.

Not surprisingly, a rep for LeAnn denies the story. “The Star magazine story is absolutely untrue and completely made up of lies fabricated by people who clearly have no lives of their own. LeAnn refuses to stoop to their level by acknowledging or responding to these ridiculous stories.”

Eddie left his wife for LeAnn last year after romance blossomed on the set of their TV movie Northern Lights. Eddie and Brandi have two kids together, Mason, 7, and Jake, 3.

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  • jess

    She doesn’t want to “stoop to that level”? Lmao, she’s a homewrecking lying cheater, yeah she’s below THAT level

  • Anonymous

    these two really deserve each other…even if Brandi had anything to do with the “leak”, he has no right to blast her in public…whether he likes it or not, he’s the mother of his kids and airing out your dirty laundry won’t do any good to the kids…I hope it’s true though so the smug on that whore’s face will be wiped out….and of course he’s defending his relationship with this twat, he’s got nothing else going for him and has to rely on her. The sad thing is, Leann is going along with the ride…I’ll give a couple more years.

  • Anonymous

    Good for his wife! This makes me laugh! These two losers cheated on their spouses. They deserve all of the crap that is thrown their way!

  • SarahRose

    “Leann refuses to stoop to their level by acknowledging or responding to this story.” Um excuse me but having your rep release a statement about the article is the same thing as acknowledging and responding to the story. And going on a two day Twitter rant is also acknowledging and responding to it. So nice try at pretending to be above it all Leann, but you’ve just spent 2 days acknowledging and responding to it.

    And I can’t decide if it’s hilarious or deeply disturbing that both Eddie and Leann continue to pretend like they are the totally innocent injured parties in this whole mess while everyone around them are “stooping to a new low.” It’s bad enough they cheated and lied in the first place, but they could have at least had the grace at that point to shut their mouths, go into hiding, and not spend months pretending like Brandi, the press and anyone who dares to find their behavior repulsive are the real villians in all of this. I truly think they believe they are victims in this situation who are being picked on for no reason.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. On all accounts.

  • Anonymous

    Ok. First of all this was published by Star…so no truth to it what so ever. Like LeAnn posted on Twitter.. “didn’t they just last week say aliens have landed and are taking over the planet” As soon as I read this story I started laughing bc it’s that ridiculous!!
    I wish LeAnn and Eddie nothing but love and happiness. Same for all the others involved. Dean seems to be happy with his new girlfriend and has moved on. Brandi…well she’s a bit confusing. She tweets that she’s in love with new bf and that she’s on vacay with him and his boys but at the same time slamming LeAnn and Eddie. I get it she’s mad and was hurt. But a year and a half later…get over it! It happened it’s over done with and it can’t be taken back. And if she truly was happy and in love she wouldn’t be so bitter and worried about every move Le and Eddie make and trying to exact revenge.
    And to suggest that LeAnn and Eddie should have locked themselves in the house and not stepped outside together at all afterwards in insane! They have lives and have every right to lead them. Maybe the media should just mind their own business and leave them be. And before everyone jumps on me about LeAnn tweeting!! NOBODY IS FORCING ANYONE TO READ IT!!!
    I think everyone needs to move on and live THEIR lives and let LeAnn and Eddie live theirs!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      The only ones who need to move on is Eddie and Leann. Obviously Star can’t be too delusional because EC and LR are doing the exact same thing that the article mentioned when he was trying to prove that he wasn’t sleeping with LR. BG and EC took a romanct trip, and guess who else takes a romantic trip? EC and LR. BG and EC took a photo where they are sticking out their tongues. Guess who else did a rip off of this photo? EC and LR. EC and BG are kissing in the photos and guess who else staged kissing photos at an airport? EC and LR. Besides we know that this is true. It explains why LR moved into the same neigborhood as BG, felt “uncomfortable” having BG at her own son’s birthday party, wouldn’t let EC go to his own son’s game, has EC go to EVERY concert with her, and went nuts when EC had to go back to LA to visit his sons. LR is doing mad damage control, and if the story wasn’t true, why would LR be posting sexual things about EC on her page as if this will once and for all prove that EC isn’t cheating on her?

      Star mag also talked about how LR is taunting BG by writing posts about her kids. Now that can’t be a lie because it’s all on LR twitter page and on JJ.

      If LR and EC were not constantly putting every detail of their life, out there, then they would not be receiving judgement. If EC and LR do not like the public’s response to their insensitivity, then perhaps they should move on and stop trying to force this farce down our throats.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, do you really want to know why LR does the peace sign? Check out the photos from STAR of EC and BG. At the time EC is doing a peace sign, so when LR does the peace sign it is her way of taunting BG once again, letting her know that she was still sleeping with EC when he was supposed to be working on his marriage. If LR has “won” EC why does she feel the need to constanly compete with BG?

  • Bertha

    Kewl you should come up with that. Exelclent!

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