Janine Lindemulder & Her Bike Buddy

Janine Lindemulder spent a fun afternoon with her 6-year-old daughter Sunny in Huntington Beach, Calif. last Thursday (July 29). The 41-year-old porn star wore bunny ears as she took her daughter for a bike ride during their last visit before Sunny’s move to Austin.

Last month, a Los Angeles court ruled that Sunny can move to Texas with her father, Jesse James, in order to be close to her siblings, Chandler, 15, and Jesse Jr., 12 “and the fact that she is doing well in her father’s care.” Not to mention, she will be closer to her beloved stepmother, Sandra Bullock.

Despite Janine’s fight to keep Sunny in California, after court she spoke favorably of Sandra. “[Sunny] will be fine,” she said. “It hurts. Sandy is good. Jesse is good. Sunny loves baby Louis. She’s excited to move to Texas. [Sandra] will be good for her.”

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  • Lora

    I’m happy for Sunny. Sunny spends with her mother. Sunny should stay in CA. Sunny will not to see her mother ?

  • Anonymous

    Since the divorce when have we ever seen Sandra with Sunni NEVER THAT IS
    THING DIVORCED PARENTS…WITH CHILDREN… So what is the deal with
    Sunni and Sandra anyway she is not her mom…she is not a part of Jesses’
    HAS THE RIGHT NOT TO SEE THEM and she has not seen Sunni since than..
    Who says that is why he is moving to Texas when she lives in Nashville..
    Stop with the Sandra needs to be a part of her step daughters life..No she
    doesn’t… Sandi has moved on and does not need her ex in her publicity every
    time Jesse’s kids show up…why is he famous because of her..

    • Janna

      How do you know? Are you related to them? Or are you basing your ridiculous rant on the fact that you haven’t seen a tabloid picture of them together in a while?

    • Anonymous

      you divorce spouses, not children.

    • Biker

      Jesse James was famous before Sandra bullock, marrying bullock just made him well know by gossip mongers and tabloids. And it’s a messy situation you’ve got 3 parents who have all had a hand in raising that child.

  • Anonymous

    WOW why are you so angry? Legalities have nothing to do with the bonds children and adults have forged. If even Janine have repeatedly say Sandy had a wonderful maternal relationship the children. So why are you certain that she hasn’t seen Sunni? Actually, I believe I read that Sunny and Jesse’s other kids (sorry I don’t know how many..though I believe there’s at least another daughter) throughout the scandal and divorce proceedings. Your suppositions (and anyone on this site; including me) are what you think you about the relationship between the children and their parents. Yikes!

  • melo1983

    She seems like she really loves her daughter. Sad that she’s moving :/

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for Janine. I know she’s a screw up in many ways but it seems that Jesse has decided that Sandy’s a better mom so he just wants to pretend that Janine doesn’t exist and is doing everything to erase her from Sunny’s life. That’s not fair to Janine or Sunny and he had no right to make that decision. I’ve seen the same thing with women who are no longer with their baby daddies then just decide since he was good enough for be with her, he isn’t good enough to be with the kids. That’s unfair and it sickens me.

    Plus it’s so obvious that Jesse is using his kids to force contact with Sandy. She doesn’t want him, but she loves those kids so he’ll dangle them in front of her to stay close to her. Jesse once again proves he has no class.

  • AnnieMouse

    Sorry….have to do it…what the heck is up with the hair? As if the tattoos aren’t bad enough, let’s really draw attention to her freaky self with crazy hair, glasses, and bunny ears?! Yeah, that’s a great way to prove her sanity!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but she is GROSS!!!!

  • Sophia

    The bunny ears are a lovely touch.

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