MommaCouture: Stylish, Insulated Diaper Bags

We all know that having a baby means carrying lots of stuff. Diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, burp cloths, formula, you name it. That’s when we, as parents, turn to the diaper bag. A must-have commodity for every new mom and dad. However, these days, no one wants to carry an oversized, clunky bag that screams diaper bag. Fortunately, thanks to Momma Couture, carrying a diaper bag can be done in style while offering even better function for baby stuff then the previous generation of bags.

Now busy moms can leave the house with a chic, functional bag that looks good in the park and out to dinner, yet has all the versatility to take care of baby’s every need. And its contemporary style and durability will last you will into the preschool years and beyond. Momma Couture bags are perfect for the on-the go-mom or dad. Full insulation keep baby bottles/drinks and snacks at the right temperature and baby wipes moist. While the unique on the go wipes pocket allows for easy access to wipes.

Another big plus for parents is the fact that Momma Couture bags are CPSIA compliant. Which means is that all the materials used to create the bags — fabric and hardware — meet the CPSC lead and phthalate requirements mandated for apparel, toys, bottles and other items used for kids 12 and under. So moms and dads can rest at ease when their baby has entered the phase of putting everything in its mouth.

Momma Couture comes in two fabric options: the Luxe or linen and leather or the Every Day smooth nylon collection. Available in a number of styles such as the Momma’s wristlet which can be used for wipes or non-kid essentials, the Stash & Go which holds one bottle, one diaper and a few wipes, the all-encompassing Satchel which holds it al and morel!

Creator and designer Rashmi Budhram was inspired to develop the line after having her first child: “After I had my first child I could not find the right diaper bag for my needs. I was trying to use my own bags and of course spilling milk in them and ruining them – not good! I wanted something that could keep the snacks and milk I was always carrying around all at the right temperature. I also wanted something stylish of a neutral color. Many of the bags in the collection are small enough to be carried as an additional bag to your own. A lot of the women that I have spoken to wanted to carry their own handbags around after a certain point and just needed a little bag for their kids’ stuff. Hence, the design of my first bag, the Momma’s Helper. Soon after this inspirational design came the Stash & Go and the designs kept coming after that.”

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