Trista Sutter Launches ‘Winter Rose’ Collection With My Vintage Baby

Once the queen of reality TV, Bachelorette star Trista Sutter is now tapping into her creative side. The 37-year-old mother of two is designing children’s clothes for My Vintage Baby. This week, Trista is launching her Winter Rose collection as seen above on her adorable 1-year-old daughter Blakesley. Not to be outdone, big brother Max, 3, looks too cute for words in mom’s funky designs. Trista opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about launching her new collection in which some of the proceeds will go to diabetes research. She also talks about her kids and family life in gorgeous Colorado.

CBS: Tell us about the Winter Rose collection you designed with My Vintage Baby.

TS: “I am so excited! I’ve always loved anything related to babies – especially little baby clothes! So, My Vintage Baby is giving me the chance to use my creative juices and come up with a line. We’re starting with just one collection this fall, the Winter Rose. The fabrics are just so vibrant. A lot of their stuff has details with animal print. I just think that a little touch of animal print here and there is a really, really cute thing.

I think that all of their clothes have such style and flare. They’re unique and you’d be able to find them in a boutique, but they’re not overly priced, so I jumped at the chance to be involved. I’m a mom mostly, 99 percent of the time, mixed in with a little wife too, obviously. I really wanted to do something that makes me feel that I have one or two brain cells left (laughs), and not just be changing diapers all day and be a productive adult in society. This is such a great way to do that.”

CBS: So you’re feeling ready to get back to work again.

TS: “I am. And luckily I can do it from home. I’m just involved in the designing process so we can do that with the technology we have these days. I can do that from home really easily and they can send me swatches and that sort of thing.”

CBS: Is Winter Rose for girls and boys?

TS: “Winter Rose is just for girls. They don’t really have collections for boys, they just have a couple different outfits for them. But I’m really excited about the boys shirt I designed. It’s a black, long-sleeve button down that has white stitching all along the edges with white buttons and this great white beading on the back that has a skull with wings. I think the contrast between a sweet, innocent little boy and something so hard is so great – I love that style. So we have that shirt and another brown shirt that has the same pattern on it.”

CBS: What inspired you to start designing children’s clothing?

TS: “I actually had a line of diaper bags and I loved the design process because I can get my hands wet and really feel like I was creating something. I’m not a really artistic person but I’ve always loved crafty things and homemade arts. I’m not a great drawer by any stretch of the imagination, nor am I an actress or anything dealing with those arts. But the design process is great because I’m very detail-oriented and, like I said, I love anything baby-related, especially clothes, so it was a natural fit.”

CBS: When does the Winter Rose collection with My Vintage Baby launch?

TS: “August 1st. It also comes with lots of accessories including a little baby doll dress that little girls can put on their dolls, a blanket, and hair accessories. The accessories just tip the scales – they’re so cute!”

CBS: How are the kids doing?

TS: “They’re awesome! Actually, I take that back – Blakesley is sick! There’s something going on in her system that is not pretty and I won’t go into detail. But she’s not feeling super hot. But of course they’re both the best things that have ever happened to me…and Ryan too, of course. I’m just in love with being a mom. They’re really great kids!”

CBS: How was the camping trip on Father’s Day weekend?

TS: “It was so fun. We didn’t end up camping though. We just went out to the Colorado River Ranch and we flew kites, the kids rode their bikes around. There’s a big field with a barbecue grill, there’s a lake for fishing. It was so much fun. We went up with three of our really close friends, they all have kids about the same ages as Max and Blakesley. It was really fun.”

CBS: Why do you think the Bachelors and Bachelorettes aren’t having any long-term success?

TS: “I don’t know. I get this question asked probably with every single interview I do. I don’t know. I think that marriage and relationships are very hard work. You really have to put your energy into it and you have to be committed. I can say that Ryan and I are all of those things and I hope that we will continue to be all of those things for years and years to come. But who knows, maybe those people were missing one little aspect? I mean, obviously they were because they’re not working out.

I just think that I know why our relationship works and I don’t know why others don’t work. I don’t know the ins and outs of their relationship, I can only comment on my own relationship.”

CBS: Do you think you’re a really good judge of character and that’s why it worked out for you and Ryan?

TS: “I do think I’m a good judge of character but I don’t think that’s the only thing necessary though. I think had Ryan not been there, I still could have thought that Charlie is a great guy, but it wouldn’t have worked out just knowing how my relationship with Ryan worked out and our marriage has worked out. I know that it wouldn’t have worked out with Charlie. I think that no matter how good you are at judging character, you need to have respect, trust, fun, intimacy, and you need to like the other person. There are so many things that go into it, but judging someone’s character is not the sole factor.”

If you are in the Frisco, TX area on August 17, be sure to check out the invitation to have tea with Trista below! You will see the new My Vintage Baby fall and winter line, including Trista’s Winter Rose Collection. Also, you can learn how to become a personal My Vintage Baby sales representative.

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  • Desiree

    Trista is so beautiful! Great interview!

  • Anonymous

    Will this woman please just go away! Enough already! She is a nobody!

  • Moore1

    There is just so much going on in that collection.

  • jennifer

    Trista & Ryan have beautiful children. CBS does another “boring” interview. “I get that question asked in every interview…” Please, please ask more original questions! I basically just skip over interviews now, but I do like Trista.. so I wanted to see what she had to say.

    • Anonymous

      The little girl is NOT cute!

  • Anonymous

    Yes and I can say the same thing about Dannylyn and her father the sperm donor ….GO AWAY TOO WHO NEEDS YOU..!! She should of been on the
    finale of the Bacherlette…She is the only one that got married none of
    the bachelors or bachelorettes got married just her.. She is famous because
    she does a lot …not like say some of the other people that are now famous..
    Who needs Jesse James…eh and oh right he is the father to Sandra Bullocks
    step daughter…

  • Anonymous

    the rreason why she is the only one who has stayed together is because she controls ryan, and he is so spineless that he lets himself e controlled. EVERYBODY else had a spine on all the shows. Once they wer etaken out of that prison like setting where there is only one person, on Trista’s show, she was the only girl around so the men are forced to like her and nobody else, it’s a trap. Trista sold out too, she loves money and getting it for nothing. She put Jason down with such passion and then jumped on the free trip to his wedding, so she is easily bought and doesn’t have very strong convictions or any convictions at all because they changed once she was invited to Jason’s wedding, she was paid to do articles bashing him, so she did. She was paid to go to his wedding, so she did. She is not a moral compass. She’s unemployed and spends her time putting down people on shows when she herself acted like a tramp and greedy. I hate how she turns everything about her, like re: Ali – she said that they were following in her footsteps by getting married. PLEASE! She’s so self-centered. I feel bad for the kids who will see he reruns of the bachelor later in life and be ashamed that she acted like a tramp. She clearly said her price was $1 million, and she got it. Yeah…she’s really an expert on “love”.

  • Anonymous

    I love the little boys shirt!! does anyone know where I can get one?

    • jennifer

      r u serious? can you read?

    • Anonymous

      The boys shirt and the other adorable clothes can be found at:

  • Anonymous

    Umm…where is that little girls hair?

  • Anonymous

    who would want to have “tea with T risa”?? all she is is a greedy hoe who talks like a baby to get $1 million. I will pay her $1 million to go away for good. and quit popping up on my sites and groups that I used to like because they covered decent people, not greedy shallow people who sell out depending on what they’re getting. I feel very bad for the kids. It’s one thing to be a greedy witch who controls people but to bring kids into it is sad.

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