Ziggy Marley: We Need To Dedicate Ourselves To Children

Reggae musician Ziggy Marley creates music filled with hope and visions of a better future. And the father of five kids – Daniel, 21, Justice, 19, Zuri, 15, Judah, 5, and Gideon, 3 – feels the only path to that brighter tomorrow is through our children.

Reaching children is the only way to change the stagnant, social maladies of society.

And while Marley stresses schooling, he cautions it’s not all in the books. “We need to dedicate ourselves to children and give them the best education possible,” he says. “And not just what’s in the curriculum. We need to teach them about love. They all need to know what it takes to be a good human being in the world, not just what it takes to get a job.”

“In all my music,” he continues. “I have some sort of revelation or inspiration that hits me. And if what I say about myself is true – that I want to make a change and make a difference – then I must speak to the children. It’s important because that’s where the future and hope for the world is. The message of the universe, the message of love, the message of God, the message of whatever you want to call it – the force out there – it’s for our children. They are the ones who still can be influenced. Everyone else is set in their ways, and that’s why the world is so messed up right now.”

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