Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

Pax wears a J. Crew Crewcuts Maverick Flight Suit – $98

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  • Sophie Williams

    I clicked on the link and it says it’s for girls! No wonder the boy is clutching his crotch… The woman should like just switch the clothes of the two kids in the pic.

    • mslewis

      You’re an idiot!! If Shiloh had the flightsuit on you would still complain that she was dressed “like a boy” because that’s just the way you are.

      • Sophie Williams

        Whoa… First of all, nice manners. You should be ashamed of yourself for talking like that, especially at strangers on internet that you know nothing about. Second, no I would not “complain” about Shiloh dressing the way she does, I never have and never will. You are confusing me with countless of other people who do not like the way that child is dressed. I happen to think it’s cute, I prefer the tomboy style on girls rather than the princess obsessed one. I think they are slightly overdoing it with the hair however, but hey that’s only my opinion, and it’s not like it really matters what that child looks like anyway. I made the comment that the children’s clothes could be switched because the boy would be comfortable then and the clothes the girl was wearing would look absolutely fine on him, and the girl would still look like a tomboy with his clothing item, the style she seems to prefer (and hey the item happens to be for girls anyway).

  • Anonymous

    well, it looks like it is for a boy. so what’s the problem ? it also looks like he’s doing the peepee dance that kids do when they need to use the potty. lol

    • Sophie Williams

      Please think about it for a bit, and it will be clear to you why the boy will feel uncomfortable (physically) in clothing made for girls.

  • Anonymous

    btw, I wish I could get away with wearing a flight suit lol

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