Celebrity Chef Gale Gand: “Everyone Needs a Little Indulgence”

Celebrity Chef, Gale Gand, was the host of the long running Food Network’s “Sweet Dreams,” judge on “Top Chef”, and has appeared on Martha Stewart, Oprah, Iron Chef America and Baking with Julia. When she’s not baking, Gale is running her own root beer company, Gale’s Root Beer producing a cinnamon-ginger-vanilla flavored root beer. And, this Fall, her new show, “The Heirloom Recipe Project”, will air on PBS. She recently sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to discuss how to build a healthy relationship between kids and food, her partnership with Breyer’s ice cream to find the most creative American Sundae, and why we shouldn’t skip dessert. All while preparing one of her Spaghetti with Meatballs Sundae creations.

CBS: Tell us why you came up with the idea to put a creative spin on the classic American Sundae?

GG: “I have three kids, my oldest Gio is 13 and twins, Ella and Ruby that are almost 6, so I’m always in the kitchen trying to do fun stuff whether it be for birthday parties or just fun projects. We’re just always playing with ice cream and Breyer’s called and asked if I could partner with them to help them find the ultimate ice cream sundaes out in America somewhere.

So I came up with four sundaes for them to put on their website plus a list of ten tips people can use to get inspired and be creative with their sundaes. What we’re doing is holding a contest so people can go to Breyers.com or go to the Facebook page and right away you will see on the homepage how you can enter the contest for the Sundae Scoop Off and you submit your favorite sundae recipe or, hopefully, one you have come up with your family. If you have a photo, even better. You have between now and September 13th to submit your recipes. We’re going to look at all the recipes and pick a winner will win $10,000 plus a trip to Chicago and a cooking lesson with me, but best of all they also receive a year’s supply of Breyer’s All Natural Ice Cream so if you love ice cream, this is the contest for you.

CBS: We read that you also teaching pastry and baking at your children’s schools. Do you think it’s important to involve kids in the cooking and preparation of foods and desserts?

GG: I think that kids will have a healthier relationship with food if you can involve them in every step or as many steps as possible. Like me, I have a large garden at home so my kids are growing stuff, picking it, cooking with it and then eating it so they get the whole cycle. You may not have the space to grow a garden so even if you take them grocery shopping it will give them a close relationship with their food so when they are eating it it is not quite so removed. I think that gives them the opportunity to just feel more involved and have a closer relationship.

CBS: We’re noticing that families are skipping dessert to save time and calories. Is that a mistake?

GG: I think that everyone needs a little indulgence every so often. I find that instead of trying to abstain from indulgence ends with over indulgence. I like a little bit of things like the mini coffee sundae. I have got some ice cream lollipops that are fantastic too! A great one or two bite dessert.

CBS: We hear that your son Gio has inherited your passion for cooking and baking. What does he like to make?

GG: Everything! He was in Food and Wine when he was 6 years old making panko crusted pork chops and applesauce from scratch. He started when he was 3 years old cutting watermelon. It’s a great way to get them started by just giving them a regular table knife and a chunk of watermelon. They will get the sense of what a knife feels like and they will see some preparation that is happening right in front of them. Or you can make a great ice cream sundae with your kids and enter it into the contest.

CBS: Are your twins involved in baking and cooking?

GG: Always always! I bring them to demos a lot because I feel if people see that this is easy enough for a five-year old to make, they will not have an excuse to not make it. So that makes it easy to sell the lesson and the joy you get from cooking in the kitchen.

CBS: You are a supporter of sustainable agriculture and eating locally how do you translate that into your daily schedule with a busy family?

GG: My husband is a stay at home dad so I have him to thank for that. He makes it so I can go out and do a lot of the education out there.”

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Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Gale Gand

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