Angelina Jolie: Shiloh Cried To Get Hair Cut Off

Angelina Jolie says that her daughter Shiloh chooses her own boyish clothes and even cried over having long hair. This week, the adorable 4-year-old was photographed in California wearing boys’ swim trunks. To view some other fashion choices of Shiloh, click here and here.

Angelina tells Grazia that cutting Shiloh’s hair was not her idea:

It’s not my choice. I have a very strong-willed four-year-old girl, who tells me what she wants to wear and I let her be who she is. I think people think kids should be a certain way, but I feel they should wear what they feel like wearing and they should express themselves. Shiloh cried one night and said, ‘Please cut my hair off. I don’t want to have long hair.’ I’m not going to leave it long because somebody thinks I should.”

Angelina has previously said she finds Shiloh’s fashion choices “fascinating” and that the she has “Montenegro style.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh great, here come all the silly readers’ comments complaining about how Angelina is a horrible mom because she gives into her daughter’s crying.

    I think Shiloh’s short hair is beautiful, and people need to realize that there is more than one way to be a girl, asides from the very unimaginative pink tutus and fluff and princess tiaras.

    From my experience, most 4 year old girls dressed in princess-wear are spoiled, appearance-obsessed little kids who throw tantrums when their hair isn’t done right or when their sister dares to borrow some of their clothes. Shiloh looks like she transcends that sort of pettiness. Good for her!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly my sentiments, for example, the spoiled V. Affleck.

      • Anonymous

        Huh? None of what the previous poster described applies to Violet, and there’s no evidence that she’s spoiled, and I don’t even know how you could tell any of that from still photographs, anyway.

        It blows me away that you could hate a little kid so much that you would not only comment on it, but comment on it in a post that’s not even about her. Why are you so obsessed with hatred for people you don’t even know?

        • Anonymous

          I’m with you anon at 4:38 how did Violet get dragged into this discussion when none of the things described above pertain to her at all. Stange, what hatred can do to some people.

          • Mara

            Why argue with a brangelunatic? They embrace everything Brad and Angelina puts out there. Who is more obsessed with looks than Shiloh if she starts crying to have her hair cut. The original poster is an idiot. A child so obsessive with her looks has some serious issues that are just as bad as the princess she describes.

            Violet Affleck should not be drag into this Shiloh debate she’s an innocent child that comes off as normal. Unlike the confused Shiloh.

          • Anonymous

            Oh yes, Mara, Shiloh is confused (YOU KNOW THIS FOR SURE), but V. Affleck is NOT SPOILED (YOU KNOW THIS TOO). Give me a break. You are just as much of a hypocrite as all of the other idiots on this site.

            You don’t know either kid, so who are you to be attacking anyone for their “opinion”.. because that’s all you got too is an opinion. Nothing more.

            Just as you think Shiloh is “confused”, someone else is entitled to think the Affleck kid is “spoiled”. Maybe she is… . but one thing is for sure, you don’t know any more than the next person.

          • Mara

            You are correct we don’t know them. However, Angelina is constantly telling us what shiloh wants and every detail of her life that she is rendered a controlling brat with gender issues. This woman will exploit every aspect of her life and her childs to sell a lame film.

          • Sheppard1

            Mara – you sound like a total jealous loser! Angelina sounds like a very sensible Mom. If you aren’t interested in what she has to say what on earth do you read these articles…. only to spew your hatred? Just go away

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    • Cabos

      So now girls have to dress up like boys so they don’t look spoiled to you? I don’t understand, i think Angelina’s statement is simply about letting your kid dress up the way he/she wants. Period.

      If a girl wants to dress like a boy, it’s ok with me, if she wants to dress like a girls, sorry but that’ OK TOO. Not all girls are the way you describe.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I don’t know if it’s worth trying to explain, but I definitely didn’t imply that girls HAVE to dress like boys in my post.

        Of course it’s okay if a girl wants to dress like a girl.

        I was only speaking of my experiences with young girls who live-eat-breathe-dress-sleep the princess fantasy (as dictated by the Disney franchise, usually.) I was generalizing, not stating a rule, so of course I don’t think that all girls who dress in pink are like this. My general observation is that girls who are fanatic about the princess lifestyle behave like… well, princesses!

        But please don’t twist my words into something other than what they originally meant.

      • iaewccrad

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  2. Anonymous

    Good for you, Angelina. Now stop talking about it. Time to let go of the defensiveness.

    • Anonymous

      She was asked a question. She answered. If she said she doesn’t want to talk about it people would jump on the ” she’s secretly ashamed of her daughter” bandwagon. And you really can’t read voice inflection or tone, so I don’t know how you can assume she’s being defensive.

  3. Anonymous

    Good for Shiloh! I had many fights with my mom since I was such a tomboy and she wanted me to go to ballet classes and wear dresses and girly stuff. And I’m glad Angelina doesn’t feel like she needs to satisfy society labels and stigma just because she’s in the public eye.

  4. nanpan

    Good! I’m tired of people trying to force children to fit a societal gender mold. We are who we are and gender stereotypes help no one.

  5. Anonymous

    Grazia is a tabloid they took these quotes from interviews she did 3 weeks ago Star and Us Weeklly did the same thing.

  6. Lauren.

    i dont think violet affleck is spoilt for the record.. shes just a girly girl.

  7. Tracy

    She’s going to be a lesbian or want a sex change operation when she’s older…

    • Anonymous

      Maybe…maybe not. We wont know for years. But either way, dressing as a “boy” now wont change who she is. If she is a lesbian, she’ll be one no matter how she dresses as a child. I’m glad that Brad and Angelina let their kids express themselves!

      • Anonymous

        I was a huge tomboy as a child. I had short hair and wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress. This lasted all the way through high school. I’m now married and expecting my first child. I still don’t care much for dresses, but I’ll wear them when I go somewhere that calls for dressing up. Just because a child is a tomboy, doesn’t mean she’ll be a lesbian or transgendered. It could simply mean that she prefers the style of boys’ clothes over that of girls’ and prefers short hair over long hair.

        And if she does turn out to be gay or transgendered, who cares. Kids should be allowed to be who they are. They shouldn’t be shoved into the mold their parents think they should be in. It curbs their imagination and creativity and puts a damper on their spirit.

  8. Anonymous

    Boy swim trunks? Something is VERY strange here!

  9. Jules

    Good for her!
    long hair or short, shiloh is a cutie!

  10. Anonymous

    That’s the problem with parenting today. The kids call the shots and it should not be that way. A parent should be the one telling a 4 year old what to do, not the other way around. That’s why the kids today are a mess. There is no discipline whatsoever anymore.

    • abby

      letting your child choose how they want their hair cut has absolutely nothing to do with discipline. it’s a bit different than a child refusing to do what their parent asks of them and the parent letting the child win. THAT would be lack of discipline.

    • Lioness

      Anonymous, it’s called picking your battles. If you forcing your own dress code down a four-year-old’s throat is what you are suggesting, even when it is visibly making the child miserable EVERY DAY, why is that a battle you’d want to fight? It’s just clothes, and they don’t define you.

  11. SaeahEL

    Shiloh is one cute little girl. I bet it is so much easier for her in the morning! I know my girls hate it when I have to get a brush through their hair. She looks like one tough little cookie!!! I think Angelina is doing perfect in raising a wonderful independent little girl! Dressing in clothing that she can play hard in are wondeful! Let’s her get dirty, the way a kid should.

    I also see no problem with her swim trunks, she has older brothers to look up to. If they can wear them, why can’t she. It’s no different then a little 4year old swimming in her undies. We stop by the beach all the time, without planning it. My girls 2 and 5 go in the water with just undies.

  12. E

    the photos of her in the boys swim trunks are disturbing.. she is a 4 yr old girl not a 10 yr old boy.. at least have some sort of top on her! she isn’t that little anymore and it’s just truly bizarre

  13. Anonymous

    Let her dress how she wants, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. If she wants to wear swin trunks, she needs to at least wear a tank top or something. Boys are different than girls in the fact when she is older, she is going to HAVE to wear a shirt, whereas her brothers will not. And wearing jeans and having short hair doesn’t make you a lesbian!!!!! Freaking homophobes.

  14. nnire

    it boggles my mind that there are people alive today thinking it’s terrible for a little girl to wear shorts and tee-shirts and a base ball cap and OMG SHORT HAIR, and yet fake teeth, eye-lashes, nails, tans, and sexual outfits on four year olds in beauty pageants (Toddlers and Tiaras, anyone?) is ok.

    my personal opinion is that as long as it’s clean, in decent condition, weather appropriate, and most importantly not sexual, we’re good to go.

    and this assumption that gender neutral or ‘boys clothes’ = lesbian is quite ignorant, as many former or current heterosexual tomboys would agree. being a femme lesbian myself, my closet is brimming with dresses, skirts, and pink, which was true from the time i could have an opinion on what i wanted to wear.

  15. Cabos

    Believe me, if Shiloh was a BOY wanting to dress like a GIRL including bikinis in a pool, i bet Angelina would a least think about it before letting a 4 year old run the entire show and call all the shots.

    I’m all for letting kids express themselves but the swimming pool thing is getting ridiculous.

    • Cindy

      Great point. I doubt they’d let the boys dress as girls, and if they did, I doubt a lot of people would be supporting. I’m all for kids having choices in clothing, and I could care less if girls wear tutus and sparkly pink. However, there are lots of ways girls can dress and still look like girls. It’s disturbing. The boy swim trunk thing is disturbing. NOT that her chest is exposed, good grief, but because that is without a doubt a BOY thing to do. All of you defending Angelina’s choices…you’d be fine with a 4 year old boy wearing a bikini to the pool? The fathers of these boys would be fine with it? No way.

    • ktpaqw

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  16. Anonymous

    good point. i think if one of her boys wanted to literally BE a girl to that same extent, wearing dresses and girls bathing suits…she wouldn’t be so cool about allowing that

  17. Don-B-Fool

    It’s Brad and Angelina child…not jet Angelina….and no one else business but their own how they raise their children. To each is own…unless they are being physically and emotionally hurt. They all seemed happy to me.

  18. Mara

    This child is commended for calling the shots yet Suri, Violet, and Kingston are constantly trashed by some of the people praising Shiloh. The hypocrisy of some of you is astounding.

    • antigoniem

      People bash Suri’s clothing choices because 1) They are not weather appropriate (specifically in the winter) 2) They’re not healthy (her knees are gonna be screwed up it she keeps it up with the high heels). Kingston and Violet wear appropriate clothing for the weather and their age.

  19. Anonymous

    that is a great point about if she was a boy in a pink bikini- i’m sure the harsh response would be 100000 times this.. put a top on her and stop letting a 4 yr old call the shots.. and 4 yrs old is getting past the point of being able to wear ridiculous gender confusing things.

  20. Anonymous

    instead of people complaining about this child not wearing a shirt and wearing swimming trunks… lets complain that some perv took the pic and some trashy mag punished it. This is a family private moment and we wont even be talking about it if someone didn’t completely violate this family privacy and took these photo.I think there should be laws against this. PS I love Brad and Angie for being the best parent for their kids and doing what they think is best and not what people they dont know and will never meet think is best. PS again… my friends son is 5 and love all thing girls and she let him. He grew out his hair and he wear a one piece bathing suit, and anything pink. She does it because at 10 years old her cousin kill himself because he want to be a girl and his family try to make him into a man boy and treated him like crap. 10 year old, that young 10. And i dont care what people think but if my 3 year old son said mommy I want to wear a dress I would say what color and keep it moving and my husband said the same thing. His older brother killed himself when he was 15 because he was gay it been 15 year and it still hurt him and his family deeply. You sit there and judge if you want to but just note that gay lesbian and transgender youth make up over half of teen suicide.

  21. Anonymous

    Shiloh seems like a sweet child, but if what’s reported about her preferences is true, she really seems to have an obssession with her appearance! That’s not natural for such a young child. And just how does a 4 year old know which shirts,shorts,pants, shoes, etc are for girls and which are for boys? Often times they’re unisex. Angelina and Brad need to start incorporating a few girl wear items. She should not be allowed to call all the shots! Could it possibly be that they’re Scientologists? If i’m correct… they allow children to express themselves in any way that they desire.

  22. nicoleC

    a 4year old girl have STRONG WILL!?
    but Shiloh is a girl………. i dont mean girl NEED to have long hair

    • Anonymous

      You’ve never had a daughter, have you? I raised two and let me tell you, they both were strong willed from day 1. And yes, I let them dress the way they wanted, pierce what they wanted and dye their hair whatever colour they wanted and guess what? Now they are loving, compassionate adults (natural hair colour included) and I couldn’t be more proud of both of them for how they interact with people of all types. Go figure eh?

  23. Anonymous

    Tracy, and anyone else ignorant enough to conclude that so-called “boy” attire automatically means ‘adult onset lesbianism,”

    You might want to research the frilly frocks Sonny & Cher had little Chasity geared up in back in the day. Chaz Bono grew up wearing pigtails and pretty dresses and I think he’d be the first to tell you that girl clothing and long hair didn’t mean sh_t or factor in anywhere

  24. She

    Yeah I remember Litttle Chasity. Nice point Anonymous. This is so lame that people are obsessing about a little girl. Other than the fact that her Mommy and Daddy are movie stars she is just a little girl. Leave her alone and let her be happy playing with her brothers and sisters. Lets talk about something important in the world like people starving and dying.

  25. Anonymous

    I love Shiloh I think she has a great sense of style.

  26. KEKE


  27. Sophia

    But of COURSE this had to turn into an argument. Shiloh wanted short hair, her parents did not want to hold her back from expressing herself so they let it happen, now she has short hair and is a happy, healthy little girl. What is the big issue there?

  28. Anonymous

    Leave this little 4 year old girl alone, and let her be the little girl she wants to be. So be it if she wants to wear boy clothes, and have her hair cut, she is expressing her likes, and dislikes. Everyone knows that kids change their mind all the time.

  29. Anonymous

    Actually my 3 year old son wanted to wear fairy dresses and mermaid costumes and princess nightgowns for a while and we let him. He did ask to wear a girls swimsuit to the pool and at that point I said no. Not sure why. But what was it that he liked about his sisters swimmers so we could find some boy ones that were just as good. He said he liked the fact they were shiny (which he thought made them look like shark skin). So we found him grey swimmers that glinted a bit and he was happy as larry. At some point he stopped wearing girls clothes and now wanders around in a snorkel mask or a crocodile costume most days. Personally I think Shiloh looks super cute in her clothes but she is an incredibly beautiful child so she could wear whatever she wants. I do wish Angelina would stop sharing any more. We get it. She likes boys clothes. Her mother thinks this makes her cool and better than other girls. Whatever lets all move on.

  30. hhitch

    My son went through a pink phase, he went through a mismatched clothes phase, a costume phase, he went through a stuffed animal phase… who is to say what is normal and what isn’t? Supporting your child’s choices in the earlier years allows them to build self-esteem and gain confidence in their ability to make future (more important) life choices. As long as a child’s choices don’t affect his or her safety, it should be a non-issue. I have to agree with choosing your battles as a parent. I also don’t blame Angelina for answering the questions that are (repeatedly) asked of her. She’s in the limelight, not a choice I would make for myself or my child, but she’s there, so the microscope is on the whole family constantly. Let’s concentrate on the positives!

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