David Arquette: Daughter Coco Might Be In ‘Scream 4’

David Arquette will soon be reprising his role as Dewey Riley for the upcoming Scream 4. And set to star alongside him? Wife Courtney Cox Arquette – she’ll be slipping back into her role as reporter Gale Weathers. The two met on the set of the original Scream almost fifteen years ago.

So with both David and Courtney starring in the movie, will we be seeing daughter Coco, 5, appearing on screen alongside her parents?

“She may be in a picture somewhere,” David hints, in an interview with E! News.

If Coco does make her big screen debut in the flick, chances are mom and dad won’t let her see the movie – the last Scream installment was rated ‘R.’

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • Angelique

    it would be cool if she was there daughter in the film, because her asked her to marry him in the 3rd movie

  • Courtney

    the last time I can think of that a mother/daughter played a same/simillar character in a film was 1968 when Joanne Woodward played adult Rachel Cameron and her daughter Nell played child rachel in the flashback scenes of Rachel Rachel. and like the scream films that is Rated R so Nell being 9 years old at the time wasn’t allowed to see it same as 6 year old Coco shouldn’t be allowed to see scream until she’s older. the difference is the above mentioned film wasn’t big budget like scream is and earned 4 oscar nominations including best actress for Joanne who had won previously for the three faces of eve which had been her first dramatic lead and best picture.

  • melo1983

    Aw! That would be soo cute, I love Coco!

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