Dean McDermott Wants More Kids With Tori Spelling ASAP

Dean McDermott‘s dirt bike accident in June landed him in intensive care, and he says the experience made him realize what’s important in life – wife Tori Spelling and their two kids, Liam, 3, and Stella, 2. Not only that, but it also made him want to add to their family as soon as possible.

I think it did tip the scales. I would say that I love my family so much, let’s expand it! Plus, we make beautiful babies!

There may be a catch, however – sources say that Tori isn’t too eager to gain the pregnancy weight back again. “[Tori is] so weight conscious that she doesn’t want to have another child for fear of blowing up like a balloon. She’s afraid that she’ll gain too much pregnancy weight and not be able to lose it.”

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  • nanpan

    Doesn’t seem like Tori has any trouble losing weight.

  • Anonymous

    She’s afraid she’ll gain weight? She should welcome it.

  • ivy2

    um…no you dont dean, sorry.

    • Anonymous

      haha! right?

  • Anonymous

    uh, it’s easy for you to say Dean when your wife is the sole provider of your family…tori did gain a lot of weight with Liam but her 2nd pregnancy wasn’t too bad…in fact she lost if any….

  • ada

    Looks like Tori is deep into an eating disorder. Poor woman.

  • Casey

    Ha, if I was Tori I’d be thrilled to gain pregnancy pounds. I wouldn’t even care much about losing them, as long as I gained within reason. An 8 lb. baby would do ‘er good.

  • Ondine

    Let’s just hope their future kids physically inherit their father’s beady eyes like the other two and inherit absolutely nothing physically from their mother.

  • Anonymous

    media whores!

  • Ella

    While some of you may have your own opinions about the looks of these and other celebrity children, parents ALL parents should think and have every right to think that their children are beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Of course all parents think THEIR kids are the “cutest”. BARF! That’s the way it should be.

    However, the rest of the world doesn’t agree. That’s why they are their parents. To provide unconditional love to them. Because once they get out in the world, no one else will.

    • Ella

      That was my point — people are commenting on Dean’s comment saying that they make beautiful babies stating that he is wrong, my point is of course he thinks they make beautiful babies, they are his babies so to him they will be the most beautiful. BARF yourself!

  • Anonymous

    And Tori’s genetic background isn’t very good either. She was rather frightening before she had plastic surgery. Combine the two and their babies aren’t nearly as cute as they think they are.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why people have to come on sites like these and comment how not cute celebrity kids are, saying that these two aren’t cute, commenting on Violet Affleck and other celebs kids who you may not find cute. How would you feel if someone told you that your child was ugly, or commented that your kid would be cute except for their ears or their teeth etc. Or how would you feel if someone said it was a shame that your child looked like you or your spouse because you aren’t very attractive. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for making such comments about children, even if you think it you can keep it to yourself. Do you feel the need to make such comments to make yourselves feel better about your ugly children? Other than that I can’t think of a reason to come on the internet and say such hurtful things about a child.

    • Moore1

      I think you’re thinking way too hard about other people’s opinions. I highly doubt most of the people here would care who in their family you call ugly. It’s all subjective. That said, it may not be nice but it is just an opinion.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the last comment! plus I think little Liam and Stella are really very cute children!

  • dholmas

    Their kids are adorable and cute. I agree with Ella.

  • Jolene

    Hhahaha… “beautiful babies”
    For shame.

  • Sophia

    She should be esctatic at the prospect of weight gain. She looks like a skeleton.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, abandon your real kids to make some funny-looking bastards with some ugly hole, oh, THAT’s smart.

    Anything for your going nowhere career, hey, Deano?
    This guy is beyond useless and more than creepy looking.

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