‘Inception’ Star Tom Hardy: My Son Was A “Godsend”

Inception star Tom Hardy opens up about his past struggles with substance abuse and his 2-year-old son Louis in the August 2010 issue of Men’s Health UK. The 32-year-old British actor says that being a father has helped him prioritize and become a better person.

On his 2-year-old son: “Louis arriving was an absolute godsend. Children need things. Not want things. Want and need are two different things I have always mixed up. When Louis came along he was like, ‘You can’t think about you! I’m here!’ It separated a lot of my selfish behavior.”

On being addicted to drugs and alcohol: “I thought I’d have a little bit of a party, and I’d end up high and frightened, in places that scared me. In a blackout I could end up anywhere. I might wake up somewhere the other side of London, or in another country. Or in bed with someone I didn’t know, not knowing how I got there. Bleeding. This was on a daily basis. And I was going to work. I didn’t want to appear rock ’n’ roll. I didn’t want anyone to know I was out of control, but I couldn’t hide it. Eventually, the body gives up. My body told me. I was completely kaput. I was lucky I didn’t get hepatitis or AIDS.”

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I could ogle him forever, that man is is so very sexy. And such a fine actor. Glad for him that he overcame his addiction.


I wish he’d have my baby!


Love what you tom I feel egsack same. With my little girl it all comes together x