Kate Hudson’s Revolving Door of Lovers

Just like in real life, Hollywood certainly has double standards. Men who date lots of different women aren’t judged for playing the field, but women who date lots of men are… wait a minute… could it be that they aren’t being judged either? Adorable starlet and single mom of Ryder Robinson, 6, Kate Hudson has had a revolving door of lovers ever since her marriage to rocker Chris Robinson ended, and she manages to rise above the double standard fray!

We think it’s great that Kate is paving the way in the single mom dating world, because so many celebrity single moms either don’t date, or they guard their romantic lives intensely to deflect judgment that shouldn’t even be there to begin with!

Click below for a fun look at Kate’s many adventures in love, which she has bravely played out in the public eye.

Kate Hudson really seems to know how to play the game of love. She always has a smile on her face, whether she’s in a relationship, or in the midst of a high-profile break-up. Her lighthearted humorous approach to romance may be why Kate is always having a great time on the dating scene. The starlet told Elle UK,

I love boys… [they are] so easy to figure out. What did Dr. Laura say? Something like, ‘All men want is sex and for you to make them a sandwich.’ I thought that was really funny — and not entirely untrue.

  • Owen Wilson

Kate and Owen Wilson are the quintessential California girl and dude. Their love affair was also as up and down as the California surf! The golden haired duo shared a lot of laughs while filming You, Me and Dupree together, but their offscreen relationship was filled with a lot more drama than comedy. They broke up and got back together multiple times, and Wilson was clearly deeply troubled at the time of one of their last break-ups, as reports surfaced that he tried to take his own life.

  • Dax Shepherd

Kate moved on to develop a romance with funny man Dax Shepherd, no doubt for some comic relief. Here the couple was spotted out and about and getting cozy in Boston with Ryder in tow. And here, Dax gives Ryder a lift on his shoulders.

But it must not have been all fun and games because Kate and Dax fizzled out as quickly as they got together.

  • Lance Armstrong

They may not have ridden off into the sunset together, but Kate and Lance Armstrong were going “strong” for quite some time, enjoying a steamy romance together. The two were often seen out and about together with their children from previous relationships. They even spent Father’s Day together with their children, and Hudson’s ex-husband Chris Robinson. Hudson also indulged her athletic boyfriend with shared bike rides and tennis matches.

After their split, Armstrong moved on to his current girlfriend and new baby mama Anna Hansen, with whom he has an almost 1 year-old son, Max. And now the couple has another child on the way… his fifth!

When Kate heard Lance was going to have his first child with Anna she graciously said,

It’s amazing. Congratulations. He’s a great father. He already is an amazing father.

Sources for Lance didn’t make him sound as gracious, saying that the famous cyclist broke-up with Hudson because she was “too needy.”

  • Alex Rodriguez

Ever the supportive girlfriend, Kate Hudson became a fixture at beau Alex Rodriguez‘s baseball games. Kate quickly became one of the New York Yankees third baseman’s biggest fans, often seen smiling dotingly from the stands.

People Magazine reported,

Sitting on the front row, Kate goes nuts when she watches him play,” a source tells People. “Her excitement and cheering are infectious.

Apparently, Rodriguez was just as smitten with the actress, reportedly giving her a $39,000 white-gold ring set with pink sapphires and diamonds from Louis Vuitton to thank her for her support after his team won the World Series.

Of course, given the ring, speculation that wedding bells may be ringing for the couple soon followed, but they didn’t hit it out of the park with their short-lived, 7 month-long love affair.

Rodriguez has since moved on to another hot blonde actress, Cameron Diaz.

  • Matt Bellamy

Hudson’s current amour of the past 3 months is British rock singer Matt Bellamy, of the band Muse. It seems Kate is going back to her roots (having married Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes) dating a rocker instead of an athlete or actor.

Of course, there are already all sorts of reports about how “serious” Kate and Matt’s budding romance is, and recent reports are even claiming that they couple is moving in together.

But if we’ve learned anything from Kate’s chain of love, it’s that he’s probably just another fun link on her romantic journey.

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  • Anonymous

    I love her–she is a thoroughly modern woman who seems very down to earth but at the same time completely self-assured. Good for her for “sampling” what’s out there before making another long-term commitment with someone. If more people followed her example there sure would be fewer divorces!

  • ljss

    Good for her for living her life without remorse. But women do judget her, especially on sites like this one. I think its great that she’s a modern mom.

  • Anonymous

    Hold on-there is a big difference between being a modern woman and a deparate pathetic tramp. I don’t know Kate well enough to decipher which one she is. I have a lot of grlfriends who are blowing through men. 7,8, 9 lovers in a year. To me that’s a bit much. They think they are modern women because they have sex on the first date but really all they are doing is consenting to sex in order to keep these men. They are all desparate for a relationship. I have friend that falls in love and sleeps with every guy that smiles at her. These relationships never work because they are not based on anything other than sex. Do you consider this woman modern? I certainly don’t. I believe it’s ok to have sex if that’s what you want to do and because you enjoy sex. It’s a completely diferent story to be use sex to trap a man. That is not very modern.

    As for Kate Hudson, it seems she too is blowing through men. It makes me wonder what is going on with her. Why does she have a need to have a lover all the time. These men don’t seem like boyfriend material. So whats going on.

    • Anonymous

      Well said. I am sorry but when you have a child, you ARE held to a higher standard when it comes to bringing multiple men in and out into yours and more especially, your child’s life. It can be confusing for a child and they may become more attached to Kate’s lovers than she may be! She needs to think about her son first. I know she is young, but she chose to have a child at a young age and with that comes more responsibility than if she was childless. No one would care how many men she dated if no child was involved.

  • Anonymous

    If you think there isn’t a double standard EVEN for Kate, then you haven’t read any of the gossip links reporting on her new relationship with Matt Bellamy (a music GOD btw…crazy talented and freshly out of a 7 years relationship with beautiful Italian doctor). I tend to think Kate falls into the needy/can’t live without a man for 5 minutes camp. I’m sure Matt will tire of her soon enough, just as all the others have, and she’s look for her next target and new “Uncle” for poor little confused Ryder.

  • Lola P

    I don’t care what anyone says, double standard or not, Kate Hudson is a garden tool and a complete airhead… I understand her being a hippie and all about free-love and whatnot but come on… This is low class and shameless… In one year alone, you date a variety of men and can’t even stop for once and ask oneself where the issue really lies… She’s a gorgeous girl and an ok actress, but come on Kate, keep them legs closed to different men and think about your son and yourself

  • Anonymous

    people do not have anything more important to do with her own life to talk shit of other peope? is a pity that in the 21st century, people are still so prejudiced, let the woman enjoy her life. only have one, what as for the italian chick, she left bellamy, she ruined , kate had nothing to do with their break up, now is the time of Mrs. hudson. an also kate is so beautiful and smart woman. she’s great for bellamy too. let them happy.!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Only cany say this: who is without sin cast the first stone

  • carla

    ONLY CAN SAY THIS: who is without sin cast the first stone

  • Anonymous

    kate hudson needs some serious help, she will never ever meet that man of her dreams coss they dnt exist. when she stops being needy,and desparate maybe some man will want to marry her, she was all over arod and wanted the man to commit and marry her? what a dumb b*****h! thats like asking for world peace! now shes chasing bellamy all over london like a love sick teenager! maybe she should funnel her energies into her aging career cos she certainly aint famous for her acting abilities.

  • Anonymous

    She’s always been a cheap whore in my eyes. Nothing she does surprises me. No scruples or values whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    Matt Bellamy is a twat for going out with her, thought he had more taste and class than that. I was obviously wrong! I guess he is just desperate or on the rebound, who knows?

  • Anonymous

    Three words Borderline personality disorder. No break between relationships for a guy or girl is unhealthy. There should be time to look at yourself and figure out what you are doing right or wrong. Even her mom said she should take a break from men. Fear of abandonment, terrified to be alone. I have a lot of empathy for her, I see sadness behind those beautiful eyes.

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