Tiki Barber Speaks Out On Split

Tiki Barber wants the world to know his side of the story.

The NFL’er-turned-TV personality and his new love Traci Lynn Johnson sat down with Entertainment Tonight in hopes of putting to rest the rumors surrounding his recent split from his wife of 11 years, who was at the time pregnant with twins.

Though they are now living together, both Tiki and Traci insist that their romance started after he had separated from his wife Ginny.

“We were only friends when I was still married, I was separated, out of my house so it wasn’t until then that we took things to the next level,” Tiki says.

Traci, 23, who met the football star while she was an intern at NBC, adds, “Tiki and I were romantically involved when he was separated, and plenty of people who are separated have boyfriends and girlfriends.”

Complaining that public perception has been “skewed” by false media reports, Tiki says, “I’m just a normal guy who had a job that people cared about, and maybe there is a standard to live up to that but it’s a hard one, for anyone.”

As for his children – he and Ginny are parents to sons A.J., 7, and Chason, 6, as well as 2-month-old twin girls – Tiki says, “My goal is to not have the kids suffer because of the failings of mine and my soon to be ex-wife.”

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  • Anonymous

    This guy is nothing but a low life loser.

  • cece

    I agree he is a tool.
    I guess losing his Job at NBC made him realize he should do some damage control. I think it is a bit late for that. It never looks good when a man leaves his pregnant wife and kids. Then he immediately hooks up with an young intern.

  • Anonymous

    sleaze bag!

  • Trish

    Yeah right loser! You & your slut are the only ones who believe your story! Poor kids for having a jerk for a so-called dad!!

  • nosoupforyou

    Low life.

  • Anonymous

    Nice try Tiki.

  • Cabos

    True or not, they ALL say the same thing in his situation, “oh we started the whole thing AFTER we separated”. I haven’t seen anyone admitting starting the whole thing while married. So whatever Tiki.

  • Anonymous

    His excuse is lame. It is an insult to everyone reading/listening to him, because it is obviously a lie. He took her with him on trips out of the country, she drove his sports car, he had provocative pictures of her, etc. He just keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper the more he tries to explain it. He should just man up and say “I am a cheat and I put my libido before my family and my vows.”

  • ljss

    I didnt’t believe a word either TIki or the new girlfriend said in that interview. I feel for who ex-wife who was left pregnant with twins and alone. But she’s probably better off than with the loser.

  • Don’t believe everything u read

    Why is it o.k for Brad to go out with Angie when he was SEPARATED FROM

  • Anonymous

    totally freaking loser…drop dead ….

  • Cari

    He’s so full of sh-t. “because of the failings of mine and my soon to be ex-wife”. Exactly what did his soon to be ex-wife fail at again?? He and his ho deserve each other.

  • mslewis

    Doesn’t matter if he was separated when the affair began; what does matter is that he left his wife when she was EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT!!! As far as I’m concerned, that’s the problem I have with him.

    Seems to me, this fool did exactly what his daddy did to him, walked out when he was a small boy. Guess it runs in the family. I hope his broadcasting career is over and he’s never on television again. I know I won’t be able to see his ugly face without thinking of that poor woman stuck with three babies and a man who is trying hard to not give her the money she deserves to live a good life with her kids. He’s a dog and this ‘ho lying down with him will end up with fleas!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tic Tac Toe,

    You still a scumbag and no believes nothing you say. Just get ready to
    alimony because you are going to be one broke man.

  • lilkunta

    i think you are lying. your wife of 11 yrs has given you love, support and 4 kids.
    she has been with you before the today show & nfl & book deals & superbowl & endorsements. she loves you for you not your money.
    your new gf tracy will leave you, watch! then you will realise that you had a queen @ home in ginny!

  • lilkunta

    tiki if you had separated & moved out, how did ginny become pregant with your twin daughters?

  • Anonymous

    @don’t believe everything u read

    Who said that was okay? I think Brad and Angelina should both be ashamed of themselves. I think that it’s fitting punishment that so many years later they can’t do an interview without it coming up in some form or fashion.
    In my opinion, if you put that kind of pain and humiliation out into the world, then it should follow you every where you go.

  • Tricia

    Riiiiight. Like anyone is going to believe this douche. I’m sure his new romance with the 23-year-old will LAST FOREVER. He’ll be kicking his own butt for walking out on his beautiful family. What a lowlife.

  • Anonymous

    @ don’t believe everything u read

    The difference is Brad & Jen didn’t have kids..Brad left and created the very family Tiki left.

    Btw…Tiki is a foine dog!!!

  • Michele

    They both are lying! There’s proof that they’ve been having an affair for 2 yrs. I hope Tiki rots and his new young intern won’t be young forever. Trust me he’ll do the same thing to you honey when you hit 30

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