Jennifer Meyer Shops With Her Sweetheart

After a shopping trip in LA yesterday (August 7), Jennifer Meyer walked hand-in-hand with her animated daughter, Ruby Sweetheart, 3 ½, while a friend held her younger son, Otis Tobias, 15-months.

The cheeky little girl seemed to be in a great mood as stuck her tongue out while skipping alongside her smiling mother.

Not spotted with the crew was Ruby and Otis’ father, Jennifer’s husband of nearly 3-years, actor Tobey Maguire. Earlier this week we spotted the family all together as they touched down at LAX after their family holiday in Cabo San Lucas.

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  1. Sophia

    Eh, those Maguire babies are super, super cute.

  2. Anonymous

    Is that woman actually only a friend? She looks just like Jennifer – I’d wager money it’s probably one of her sisters.

  3. Anonymous

    Ruby seems more relaxed with her mom…Tobey hates the paps and whenever he is with his daughter, Ruby seems more serious. You know what they say, kids pick up on their parents vibes….

  4. Em

    Ruby and Otis r cute, Ruby does looks happy and cute (:

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