Michelle & Sasha Obama Meet Spanish Royalty

First Lady Michelle Obama and her adorable 9-year-old daughter Sasha arrived at the Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca, Spain to visit with King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and Princess Letizia of Spain.

The pair looked lovely in their color coordinated outfits at they met with Spanish royalty today (August 8).

We’ve spotted the mother-daughter duo enjoying the sights of Spain while President Obama is back at home and big sister Malia, 12, is at camp.

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Photo credit: Fame / Bauer Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    Sasha looks so cute. She reminds me of lemon and peach serbert. Btw, the woman in white looks hungry and unhealthy.

  2. Anonymous

    Gorgeous family, both mom and daughter!!!

    And I agree with Anon 12:01 about the poor, unfortunate woman (princess?) in white. Very very sad. Michelle is so beautiful and healthy looking, next to that skeleton…

  3. Anonymous

    The “woman in white” is Letizia : she’s Felipe’s wife so she’ll be the Spanish Queen in some years…

  4. Anonymous

    Does she have anorexia? I saw a photo her years ago and she looked healthy. What happened?

  5. Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but if my kid were meeting the Queen (of whatever country), I sure as hell wouldn’t let her wear a YELLOW TUTU.

  6. Alicia

    Well, I won’t say I love the yellow tutu at all, per se, it’s a quite strange choice, not elegant, shocking….but the style brigade stops here: I must admit I admire the selfasurement this lady and her daughters seem to have; and when you have that, you can really put on whatever you want, because this child behaves so natural, well educated and with such dignity that makes everything look fine. No queen of the earth deserves more than any other human being, so I applaud
    their choice.
    Also, that lovely skin…Everything looks ok on it, I would have given up a year of my life for being black or mixed and not pale as marble as I am, how beautiful is that skin!
    Letizia suffers from anxiety, she’s such a hard worker and perfectionist, eats a lot, usually, but her body consumes calories like hell, poor thing, she doesn’t look very good.
    Anyway, hopefully Spain will be a republic someday and Letizia will be secretely very very very happy. I don’t think she did want the terrible burden of being a princess or a queen (she was just a journalist, son of a nurse and a sound technician, grand-daughter of a taxi driver), not for her, not for her daughters. But she fell in love, which sometimes is a disgrace when you fall for a future king. Fairy tales are nightmares!

  7. Anonymous

    Well, this just shows you that the Obama family has no class. You go to another country and you are invited to the royal palace and you dress like this, OMG, not to mention the hair in a ponytail or a bun. Slum it Michelle, show your true upbringing, trailor trash.

  8. Alicia

    Trailor (you mean trailer?) trash? This is beyond reason. Nobody should be called trash for being not very elegant. What is class? As a mature well educated european lady, let me tell you what an exquisitelly classy marquis told me once about class: class is adapating, being yourself but openening your eyes to understand others, and knowing how to make everyone comfortable when they are with you. I couldn’t agree more.

  9. Anonymous

    What are you talking about? Michelle is far from trailer trash. She embodies the American dream. She is self made and shows what can be achieved when one is intelligent and ambitious. I read an article a few years ago that said that less than 25% of Americans have a college degree. Less than 10% have earned an advanced degree. Michelle has a Bachelors and Juris Doctor from two Ivy League colleges. What percentage of Americans do you think have two Ivy League degrees? What percentage of these are people of color? Maybe 1%. I know that a lot of designers have criticized her style–largely to serve their own interest. I see nothing wrong with her shopping at J Crew. Michelle doesn’t need to hide behind a brand. She commands attention wherever she goes. She is articulate and interesting. That is what world leaders are drawn to. That is what I am drawn to. She is a modern woman who is her husband’s intellectual equal. Michelle looks classic and elegant. Sasha looks adorable. I don’t think it’s any worse than the designer bedspread that the Queen of Spain is wearing.

  10. chloe

    Um, Ruby, your hatred is misplaced and unwelcome. Save it for people who are neoconservative sociopaths, like yourself.

    And here’s the irony. It is YOU who are the minority here. The majority of readers and posters on this site are open-minded, intelligent people who are not brain-washed by Fox News. We are hateful of neither black people nor gays and lesbians. Find a different site to troll.

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