Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Listen To Parenting Advice

New mama Bethenny Frankel, who welcomed baby girl Bryn with husband Jason Hoppy on May 8, says she tries to stay away from outside advice when it comes to raising her daughter.

“The truth is I didn’t listen to that much advice while I was pregnant or after because everyone has an opinion and you want to experience it on your own,” the 39-year-old reality television star tells Us.

She does, however, have some wisdom of her own to share:

Sleep while the baby’s sleeping! Sleep is way more important than exercise, that’s all you need to be worried about right now.

Bethenny, who recently opened up about her struggles with breastfeeding, saying, it’s “the hardest thing” she’s “ever done in [her] entire life”, now relies on her “Brest Friend” for help.

“It’s beyond. My neck hurts because I forgot it and I haven’t used it in the past couple of days, but basically it’s like a tube around you or a shelf that the baby sits in when they’re breast feeding,” she explains. “And even if you’re not breast feeding it’s a good shelf to burp the baby. It literally has a place to put the remote on it, the breast pump… it’s awesome!”

Baby Bryn, now 3-months-old, was born 5-weeks early but is growing quickly, says her proud mama: “She was a preemie so she was so small at first but she’s getting to be a bigger girl now.”

The Bethenny Getting Married? star, who wed Jason on March 28, recently confessed that she’s been considering having a second baby, but still wants to wait til Bryn is a little older.

“I’m just so in love with Bryn right now that I want to focus completely on her.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Cute baby but I have the sneaking suspicion that she is going to hate her mother. Don’t know why.

  2. Anonymous

    I love bethenny. She has made mistakes as all has and now she has a baby that she seems to love more than anything. Babies put mamas in perspective about life and what is important

  3. BluewaterMom

    You are a natural Mom in all regards. Please continue to share your recipes and life styles with those of us who resect and follow your wisdom.



  4. BluewaterMom

    Sorry, I submitted a typo previously. IO meant to type respect :(.

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