Father Of Madonna’s Daughter Mercy Speaks Out

James Kambewa, the father of Madonna‘s adopted daughter, Mercy James, has spoken out about his desire to see photos of his daughter, and his hope that he will one day meet her.

Kambewa, who is currently a waiter in South Africa, told the Daily Mail, “I would appreciate if Madonna could send me pictures of how she looks like now as I don’t get any pleasure of being with her.” He added,

It’s emotionally painful for me as a father. I’m very happy that Madonna is taking care of her. But as a parent, from the moment I heard that she was still alive, I wanted to meet her and I’m hopeful that I’ll meet her one day.”

Kambewa, 26, who was initially opposed to the adoption, said that he had believed for some time that Mercy had passed, along with her mother, “From the time I learnt that my daughter was still alive, I’ve been longing for a chance to meet with her but how I do that, I don’t know.”

Madonna had reportedly planned to introduce Mercy to her father when she paid a visit their recently, however, as Kambewa moved to South Africa to work, he was not available for a meeting.

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  • Anonymous

    No to be cruel but he can open any magazine or newspaper and see photos of his daughter. Heck, someone should send him a link to this website.

  • Lily

    To “anonymous”: has it even occurred to you that he may not have a computer, that there are no Internet cafés, no gossip magazines about western celebrities where he lives and works, or that he simply has no money to do what you so normally do? Jeez…

    • Lioness

      Lily, normally I might agree with you, but he lives in S. Africa… Internet cafes are everywhere. And they’re very cheap. He could also pick up a magazine and thumb through for free. Anonymous has a point…

    • Anonymous

      The tabloids paying him for interviews can easily give him a photo, they showed him videos and photos of Madonna after all so printing out a photo is no big deal. He has access to the internet in South Africa, where he fled to because a criminal investigation in Malawi. What he wants is to get in contact with Madonna to blackmail money out of her in exchange for silence.

  • Anonymous

    Has there been a paternity test? You knock a girl up and then once you find out she is dead you never bother to visit her family ONCE? He may have found out his girl is alive…just a thought.

  • Tazina

    I wonder if he would have taken such an interest if Mercy was still sitting in that orphanage in Malawi. I doubt it. He is hoping to profit somehow from his daughter being adopted by Madonna.

  • to Tazina

    Agree 100%. Money, money, money…. Mercy will have a good life. Madonna is a great mum.

  • Anonymous

    How convenient he becomes so loving and interested in his “daughter” (no paternity test or other proof) now that some wealthy lady adopted her, but couldn’t have cared less when he impregnated her 14 year-old mom and bailed out on her. He also didn’t care when the mother died and the child was in an orphanage for years. The reason why he is in South Africa is because he was being investigated and was going to be arrested. He gets paid for every “interview” he gives to the tabloids so this man will continue to profess his “love” for as long as he continues to get paid. Madonna did not plan to introduce Mercy to him as he isn’t even recognized as the father and the real family hate this man for trying to ruin Mercy’s adoption and ruining her mother’s life. They requested he doesn’t get anywhere near her.

  • Anonymous

    Lily- I was joking but you seriously need to read a book. Africans don’t just live in huts and hunt tigers. Many live in large cities where they have access to computers. Many are educated and have good jobs. Just take a trip to Ghana and you would be surprised at what you find.

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