Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter Has Arrest Record For Prostitution

Laurence Fishburne was spotted walking with wife Gina Torres in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 8). Laurence hasn’t spoken out about daughter Montana‘s upcoming XXX film release, but it’s looking like dad may not be so surprised after all at her new career path. E! Online is reporting that Montana, 19, was arrested last year for prostitution. So maybe the porn biz could actually be seen as a step up?

According to court documents, Montana, who now goes by the screen name “Chippy D”, was arrested for alleged prostitution but avoided jail by signing up for a work-alternative program. She pleaded no contest on March 19 to a misdemeanor of criminal trespass, and the court agreed to drop charges of solicitation and loitering in a public area for the purpose of prostitution.

She was sentenced to two years’ probation and 15 days in jail, but avoided being locked up by doing community service instead.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Susana

    I feel so sorry for her parents. I mean, why would you want to be a person like that? Your father is a famous respectful actor, RESPECT HIM, respect your parents..!!

  2. Cari

    It’s almost like she is purposely trying to embarrass her parents. She is messed up.

  3. Anonymous

    Where is her mother? Why hasn’t she publically condemned her.

  4. jvmfan

    Yikes! There has got to be a better job for a star’s daughter!! Has anyone seen this covered on the show “Issues?” They are covering it all more on the show tonight.

  5. Anonymous

    Boy, oh boy, he did a GREAT job raising her, huh?

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