Danica McKellar On Maternity And Math

Many of us know Danica McKellar, who is expecting her first child this fall, as Winnie Cooper on the Wonder Years. But did you know she was a math whiz and has written three books on the subject? Me, neither! She recently sat down with Pregnancy magazine and dished on her pregnancy and why she thinks kids, especially girls, should get over their fear of numbers.

Danica says she and husband Mike Verta haven’t found out the sex of the baby, and that’s fine. “We’re not going to find out yet,” she said. “The truth is, we don’t really care one way or other. We would like to have one of each eventually, but whatever we have is what we have.”

And while her body is going through the usual pregnancy changes, everything is going smoothly. “I’m getting to know my body for the first time, again…My lower back felt a little off before and now it’s fine, which is great.” And regarding pregnancy cravings she adds, “I’ve had two kinds of cravings—healthy and not so healthy.”.

So how did Danica, whose latest book is called, Hot X: Algebra Exposed, end up becoming an advocate for math? “I just love math and most people don’t,” she says. “I noticed there were so many people, especially women, who would come up to me having recognized me from TV and say, “I heard you were a math person, why math? Oh my gosh, I could never do math!”

The actress vowed to make math more friendly and accessible, especially to young women. “You don’t have to love it; you just have to know you can do it, she explains. “At least these women could have the confidence to say, “I don’t love it, but I can totally handle it,” and that’s what I want to give girls. My message is: You don’t have to give up being popular, fun, or fashionable in order to be smart; they can go hand and hand.”

With a baby on the way and a new book out, Danica says she’s found ways to bring peace to her life. “I probably cause most of the stress in my life. I generate things to worry about; I have a talent for that,” she admits. “So yoga is not only for my physical well-being but also for my emotional well-being. It’s for your mind and creativity, your emotional life, plus your body— it covers everything. I also get balanced by doing meditation. Even if I only meditate for 15 minutes, it can make a big difference.”

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    Winnie Cooper pregnant? Oh no! Where did the time go?

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