Jesse James’ Ex Janine Lindemulder Is Also Moving To Texas

Look out Sandra Bullock – seems like everyone is moving to Texas! A judge recently ruled that Jesse James could move his daughter Sunny, 6, to Texas, and now E! News is reporting that James’ ex-wife and Sunny’s mother Janine Lindemulder has decided to move there, too, in order to be closer to her daughter.

Janine, who was initially granted joint legal custody of Sunny, was at first defiant after James was later awarded physical custody and given the go-ahead to take Sunny to Texas. She eventually said that, “[Bullock] will be good for [Sunny].”

Lindemulder’s lawyer says the former porn actress will be moving “once she gets the green light.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. deeb2001

    Poor Sandra, she moves away to get away from it all, and it all follows her to Texas. It would be pointless to move again, because they would just follow her again. So sad, why won’t he just leave her alone?

  2. Lora

    Omg! Jesse’s kids should stay in CA. Sunny needs spend with her mother

  3. Don't believe everything u read

    Jesse should of brought his older daughter to the teen choice awards and
    sat in the front when Sandi won the two awards they would be there
    to cheer her on!! Man..She does not live in Texas ….she lives in Nashville and
    L.A ..So what is the deal with Sunni the daughter..Sandi is not her mom nor
    does she have any responsibility for all..DIVORCE MEANS THAT HIS
    KIDS ARE HIS KIDS …SHE DID NOT HAVE SUNNI JUST WHILE SHE WAS MARRIED TO HIM..Sunni is a poor excuse for bringing Sandi back into her life

  4. Madylane

    I am not in the middle of their drama so my opinion is uninformed. It is just my opinion: I think Sandy has been a blessing in Sunny’s life. I think that fact has been pretty well established and made clear by Janine and Jesse. I hope all of Jesse’s kids get to maintain quality time with their step-mom. She might have no legal rights to them but you don’t just stop loving your step-kids or step-mom because of divorce. I was so disappointed in Jesse for cheating. This was (I thought wrongly) such a great and loving couple. I hope something positive can come out of the pain for all of them and that it can be a family team with everyone simply wanting the best for the kids and giving them love.

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