Katherine Heigl Talks Milestones

New mom Katherine Heigl admits she and her hubby Josh Kelley have their “obnoxious” parenting moments. Case in point? Their rush to get their 20-month-old daughter Naleigh up and walking.

“I think Josh and I started to get like those obnoxious parents that are a little, like, ‘What’s wrong with her? Why isn’t she walking yet? What are we doing wrong?'” Katherine tells US. “Now we’re, like, pushing her all day: start walking! But I figured we’re probably fine. She’ll start walking.”

Naleigh may not be walking just yet, but Katherine is happy to boast of her other accomplishments.

“She is starting to talk a little bit more. She says Dada all the time. Of course that was her first word… She points at me and says ‘Dada’ too. She thinks anyone she loves is Dada. I will her to say Mama! .. She goes, ‘Oh yeah’ all the time.. I think Josh and I do that a lot when we talk about things and she picked it up.”

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  • Jolene

    Still, 20 months is quite late for not walking..

  • Anonymous

    I understand the desire to want your kids to reach milestones, but everything I’ve ever read has said by 18 months toddlers should be walking. If not, then there could be something else going on and she should check with her doc. Again, some kids will talk first and then walk later, but this sweet girl is not doing that either. If she was saying this about her 12 months old, then I’d think the comment was funny and cute. I’m not entertained.

  • Anonymous

    if she’s delayed in her milestones, it’s totally understandable…didn’t Katherine say she has special needs? She was never specific about what her needs are..Children will do things in their own time and we live in a pretty competitive society that if your child is not doing this or that, then something is wrong with them.

  • Kancy

    If you read back to when they first adopted her, it says she is considered special needs due to the fact she was born with a hole in her heart. It was repaired when she was two months old. Take that into consideration when commenting on her progress.

  • Anonymous

    Sure 20 months is late but its not THAT late. I have friends whose 2 kids walked around 19 and then 21 months. Just their genetic heritage probably. I am sure Katherine Heigl is receiving excellent medical advice so lets all BACK OFF. Her daughter is cute as a button.

  • Anonymous

    I dont know about the walking but with the talking she was born in another country and heard a completely different langues for the beginning of her life. So yeah

  • Anna

    This article is old i think. I remember reading it a few months back. So at that time she wasn’t 20 months old.

  • Holly G.

    Her baby probably laid in a crib with no stimulation(physical and/or emotional) until Katherine and Josh brought her home. The orphanage workers barely have the time to feed these kids let alone play with them. I know many children who were adopted that needed a little extra time to “catch up” whether it be walking or talking.

    Naleigh’s special need is a heart condition that has hopefully been corrected through surgery.

    To the last anonymous comment…ALL babies are special no matter where they come from. They all deserve to be loved and have a chance at a good life. They deserve hope. Ignorance is bliss.

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