Candace Cameron Bure On Healthy Living, Discussing The “Birds & The Bees” With Her Kids

Candace Cameron Bure, well known for playing the beloved character D.J. Tanner on Full House, is all grown up and continuing to entertain TV audiences in Make It Or Break It. The busy mom to three kids – Natasha, 12 on Sunday, Lev, 10 and Maks, 8 – opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the Juice Box birthday, how she balances motherhood and her career, some tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and tackling some of the ‘tough’ topics like “the birds and the bees” with her three preteens.

CBS: Tell us about the Juice Box Anniversary.

CCB: “Juice box is celebrating their 30th birthday! This is a product that I loved as a kid, but it’s even more relevant and important to me as a mom because a healthy lifestyle is important for me to teach my children. The juice box is the perfect, easy, convenient, go-to beverage option for my kids. Because of the special packaging of the tetra box, it doesn’t need or add preservatives and it can sustain a 12-month shelf life without it being refrigerated. So this is really the perfect beverage option for lunch boxes, or thown into a hockey bag or tennis bag. I know that my kids love juice and I know that it’s healthy for them. It’s also recyclable so it’s good for the environment.”

CBS: How do you balance motherhood and your career?

CCB: “Well it’s not always easy to balance all of it! Putting priorities in place are a must for our family. My husband is a wonderful man and father. The two of us work together to make that balance happen. My husband is a retired hockey player so when I’m at work, he’s at home with the kids and vice versa if he’s working then I’m at home with the kids. For us it’s god first, it’s family second and the rest of our life falls underneath that and that includes career as well. It’s just about keeping those priorities and my husband and I keep each other in line as to what our priorities are also.”

CBS: The last time we chatted, you said there’s no nanny or housekeeper in your house. Still the same?

CCB: “Well I have a housekeeper who comes twice a week (laughs). That’s absolutely huge! It’s been a great, great thing. But no, we don’t have a nanny so my husband and I still manage it just the two of us.”

CBS; How are the kids doing? Last time we chatted you told us that Natasha is into acting, Lev was into tennis and Maks was a hockey player. Is that still the same?

CCB: “Just about the same. Natasha is still acting and has a couple of commercials. But now both my boys are playing hockey now. Lev has stopped tennis for a little while. They’re in two separate leagues so it’s hockey on the brain constantly! It’s how I spend my weekends.”

CBS: You’ve got the teen years approaching very quickly. Have you and Valeri tackled some of the ‘tough’ topics with your kids?

CCB: “We have. It’s kind of an ongoing process because situations or topics arise and we’ll discuss them. We’ve talked to them about the birds and the bees already and we’re just monitoring closely and watching out for things that come up, especially with our almost-12-year-old. Natasha will be celebrating her birthday in a couple of weeks. She’s going into seventh grade, so I’m sure we’re going to have some very interesting things to discuss.

CBS: Back to healthy eating, give us some good tips about how you incorporate healthy snacks with your kids.

CCB: “I think it’s pretty easy to incorporate healthy snacks. Our family just absolutely avoids fast foods. We make sure that we go to the grocery store and we buy fresh food and have that readily available in our house. Of course fruit and vegetables or even packaged things like granola bars are really easy and convenient to have. And of course the juice box is a wonderful addition and I know my kids love it. It’s just really making the commitment to having the fresh foods and drinks readily available to them and not going unprepared so that you have to make a bad choice.”

CBS: What are your thoughts about the school lunch programs in the USA?

CCB: “We pack our kids lunch everyday. It’s different for every school, but for us the best option is to pack their lunches. We can’t even pack brown bags at our kids’ school because it’s a very eco-friendly school that encourages recycling. We pack it ourselves so that I know my kids are getting the best and healthiest options. I think that there’s a lot more options for parents out there than they even realize. Of course, everyone’s always short on time. It happens. But even a once a week trip to the grocery store and getting foods that your kids will like – or even learn to like – is important. And just to be consistent in giving them those healthy foods. Because ultimately, if they’re not healthy as children, they’re not going to grow into healthy adults and will struggle with problems later on.”

CBS: Have you connected with your old Full House costar, Jodie Sweetin, who is expecting her second child?

CCB: “I saw Jodie just a couple of months ago at a birthday party for Bob Saget. We all had fun hanging out together. We all keep in touch – we love each other.”

CBS: Tell us about Make It Or Break It.

CCB: “Make It Or Break It is in its second season. It’s on the ABC family channel, Tuesdays at 9. It’s doing great. It’s about elite gymnasts that are ultimately training for the Olympics. My character, Summer Van Horn, is now co-managing the gym where they train and she has just started dating the coach. It’s kind of opposites attract with that relationship. It’s been really fun. There’s a lot of teenage drama going on of course, but a lot of great gymnastics too.”

CBS: Are you working with any charities?

CCB: “I want to make sure that everyone goes to to see all the wonderful games, activities and music video contests that they have on there.

I would love to give a little shout out to Skip1 which is a charity very close to my heart that goes to feeding children across the world.”

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    JUICE?? HEALTHY?? What the hell? Juice(and gatorade and soda) is one of the biggest culprits to all the FAT kids you see today! I was once at a science museum and actually saw a mother push her (chubby) kid away from the drinking fountain and shove a juice box in her face! Dont drink your calories people!! Its water and milk for my four kids!

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