Alanis Morissette Practices For Parenthood

An expectant Alanis Morissette was spotted strolling alongside a friend and their baby at a resort in Orange County, Calif. Thursday afternoon (August 12). Accompanying the trio was her husband, Souleye, with whom she’s expecting her first child.

The group was all smiles as they paraded around the resort together.

The You Oughta Know singer recently admitted didn’t know that she was pregnant until her doctor said she was: “I actually thought I wasn’t,” she admitted on Wednesday’s episode of Chelsea Lately. “I had just sort of said in passing [to my doctor] that I was a little late … And he said, ‘Let’s take a quick look.”

Though surprised, the 36-year-old star was “very happy” to hear the news!

Alanis and Souleye, who began dating in October 2009, were married on May 22, 2010.

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  • Shirilicious

    I don’t know why some men think it’s appropriate to take off their shirts when in public. that’s not the beach and it looks so tacky.

  • MJ

    I totally agree with you except they’re at a beach/spa resort, so it happens to be an appropriate place to do that!

  • Shirilicious

    MJ, I saw another picture of that set with lots of other people around them (not paparazzi) and everybody was dressed. None of the other men (or ladies) had a bare chest. So wherever they are, apparently nobody else thought it’s appropriate enough to take off the clothes, only him.

  • Anonymous

    Regardless, being at a spa resort qualifies for an appropriate place for a man to go shirtless. If any ladies were shirtless, we’d be talking about a different kind of place! On the pictures of them by the car he’s in a shirt, so clearly he too thinks that off-spa-site qualifies as time to put one on! I personally don’t see a problem with him going shirtless at a beach club/spa…

    • Janna

      I personally don’t see any problem if SHE wanted to go topless either, but mostly repressed Americans would have a heart attack.

  • Anonymous

    Haha Janna!
    I guess Alanis had a shotgun wedding

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