Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Wants Another Baby!

Their son Hank is just 8 months old, but Kendra Wilkinson says that she and her hubby Hank Baskett are already talking about baby #2.

“Hank the other day just freaking called me and was like ‘I want another baby. I want you pregnant,'” the reality star mom tells US.

Though she admits her initial reaction was, “I was like oh my God!….I need an IUD put in now!” Kendra says she does want to try for another baby before too long.

“I definitely want to try by next summer for sure… I want [my kids] close in age.”

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Photo credit: Flynet Pictures

  • Tazina

    She can work on her figure after the second one, especially to reduce that big fat rear end she’s got now.

  • Tiffany

    @ Tazina you must have NO a** if you think she has a fat rear….Most black men like something to hold on to instead of snuggling with some bony woman who’s afraid of curves…please. Go ahead Kendra, you look good girl:)

  • Anonymous

    you’re a nasty piece of work Tazina.

    Kendra is so down to earth and funny. Her husband is hot!

  • Anonymous

    I want you pregnant?! wow..

  • Anonymous

    love hank !!! oh no if kendra has another baby we will hear about it for the next 5 years plus she will be on every cover of people , us weekly and everything else!!!!! like she is the only woman who has ever got pregnant or had a baby !!!! YAY !

  • florence from naija

    Kendra sweetie u look beautiful in more flesh than bones n I think its a perfect idea to have baby 2. U guys are georgeous n I love ya.

  • Anonymous

    Who the f cares? Kendra needs to develop some class and keep these private matters private.

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