Kanye West Wants To Start A Family

Kanye West wants to be a family fan!

The 33-year-old rapper, who split with model girlfriend Amber Rose earlier this year, is now on a quest to find the future Mrs. West.

“My goal in life is to really have an amazing woman and have a family,” says Kanye. “But I think I had to go through different things to grow.”

I’m not trying to dive into anything unless I really, really think that I can marry this person. I look at this person and I say, ‘This is how I want my daughter to be.’ I like to really dive in and super-obsess and focus on something and make it as good as possible, so it’s like really focusing on my relationship or focusing on my family, but it has to be the right person to do that with.

Though their relationship ended after just two years, Kanye believes that Amber had a lasting effect on his life: “One of the greatest things that she showed me was just to be a nicer person because she was so disconnected from the concept of celebrity when I first met her.”

“I grew from that,” says Kanye of Amber’s insistence that celebrities be held to the same standards as the rest of the population. “I think that was the greatest growth that I got from that experience.”

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  • Anonymous

    He should get back w/Alexis if she’ll have him…They were a very nice couple that even his mother approved of.

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