Marissa Jaret Winokur: “I’d Love To Get My Claws Into Bristol Palin”

One of the celebrity hosts of the new mom-focused daytime show The Talk, Marissa Jaret Winokur, says she’d love to have teen mom Bristol Palin on as a guest.

“I’d love to get my claws into her,” Marissa tells E! “I think it’s funny that she’s now like, ‘I’m now celibate! Follow celibacy!’ It’s a little too late for that. You could be the role model for teenage moms who got pregnant too early, but you can’t be the role model for ‘I’m going to be celibate before I’m married.’ You blew it already.”

Marissa, who is mom to 2-year-old son Zev, offers this advice to 19-year-old Bristol: “I say, own up to it—that you got pregnant earlier, and it’s OK, and that you’re dealing with it and trying to get through it. I get that. But don’t get on a pedestal now and try to say how you shouldn’t do this.”

Bristol recently got broke off her engagement – for the second time – to her son Tripp’s father Levi Johnston.

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  • Anonymous

    Hear hear marissa!

  • HLBronson

    Isn’t saying “Don’t do what I did” considered “owning up to it”?
    I can’t see how you can criticize a young girl who is trying to educate other young girls so they don’t get into the same situation she did.

    • Janna

      It’s simple. Young people do not respond to “Do as I say, not as I do”.

      It’s too late for Bristol to be a “role model” for abstinence. It’s ridiculous, actually. Marissa is right, she should just try to be a role model for a young mother who’s trying to make it work.

  • Anonymous

    I completely agreen with Marissa. I find Bristol to be a complete fraud who seems to be doing this for the celebrity and money. I don’t see how anyone can think of that family in general as role models. It’s sick. They are a bunch of fame whores and I can’t wait till their 15 minutes are up.

  • AnDrEa

    I agree with Marissa as well…

  • Mig

    3 things:

    1) I hate how people assume the motivations behind celebrity’s actions, and then judge them according to their assumption, as if they have assumed rightly (which we have no way of knowing, of course). The celebrity doesn’t stand a chance. They could have the best intentions, but ‘these people’ don’t seem to care about that, and instead hold onto their prejudice and attack the celebrity ad nauseum.

    2) I also hate how once someone makes a mistake, they are not given a chance to repent and try to do things the right way. Bristol learned the hard way, and it looks like she wants to save other girls the heartache. Maybe some girls will see how horrible it has been for Bristol, and think twice about things. Maybe not, but it’s not ridiculous for Bristol to try to communicate her message to them.

    3) My guess is that if Bristol was Obama’s daughter, she’d be getting a much more welcome reception. Just a guess. But, and this is another guess, if she was Obama’s daughter, she probably would have just killed her baby (either burned it with saline in utero, or ripped it apart in utero) before it was born. I could be totally wrong about this, I understand.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree!

    • Cari

      You’re out of line with #3.

      • Mig

        How so, Cari?

        • Cari

          “she probably would have just killed her baby (either burned it with saline in utero, or ripped it apart in utero) before it was born.”

          That statement was uncalled for. And FTR, I agree with you on #1 and #2.

          • Mig

            Isn’t that what happens to four to five thousand babies every day in the USA? If there’s nothing wrong with it, then why can’t we say what it is? I know Obama has said that he would support his daughters doing such a thing if they got pregnant before they wanted to have a baby.

            Can you explain how the statement is inappropriate? I’m sorry, but I just am not understanding it without an explanation. You have stated twice that it was uncalled for (I ‘get’ that you think that), but not WHY it was uncalled for.

          • Anonymous

            Please. You think the right-wing zealouts would have been more supportive to Obama’s daughter if she was the unwed teen mom? Puh-lease! Laughable. First of all, the conservatives would have gone nuts with the “there’s another black, single welfare mam” rant. And it’s not fair to speculate on how she would act in that situation regarding her pregnancy options. Personally, I think the Obamas are ten times the parents the Palins appear to be, so I doubt their daughters will ever be in that situation.

          • Mig

            You’re obviously not the person who originally replied to my post so I’m not sure what point you’re attempting to make. You should revisit your prejudices, because I don’t know any conservatives who would react the way you say they would. Just because there are some who react in a certain way doesn’t condemn the entirety of the group.

            BTW, you betray your OWN feelings about unwed teen moms (and discredit your entire post) in your last sentence. Nice. How about some compassion and empathy?

      • Mig

        (And my apologies in advance if they are!)

      • Olivia

        Yes, I agree #3 is way out of line.

    • Anonymous

      nah, i think it’s fine. isn’t that how abortions are performed?

    • Lisa S

      How can you criticize people for making assumptions and then turn around and say “But, and this is another guess, if she was Obama’s daughter, she probably would have just killed her baby (either burned it with saline in utero, or ripped it apart in utero) before it was born.” You take hypocritical to a whole new level with that one.

      • Mig

        Easy. I clearly identified that I was making a guess. The difference is that I didn’t attack them for my guess; as though my guess was a fact. Can you not see the difference between the two? Wow.

        • Shirilicious

          Way to mend your words.
          You’re attacking the choice of abortion with your choice of words: “killing … burned it with saline in utero, or ripped it apart in utero”. Yes, that might be how an abortion is done but it also shows exactly how you feel about it. Simply adding “I guess” to a sentence does not exempt it from judging and attacking others.

          • Mig

            Actually, it doesn’t even BEGIN to show exactly how I feel about the holocaust euphemized as ‘choice.’

            I didn’t simply add “I guess” to the sentence. I can’t possibly know what they would do. Unlike the majority of the rabid posters on the internet, I didn’t treat my assumption as fact and use that ‘fact’ to attack and judge people. I revealed that my assumption was indeed just a guess, which means that I know I could be wrong, and so I couldn’t possibly justify attacking or judging someone based on a guess.

            BTW, if you’re going to be intellectually honest, then you should be fine with the description of abortion if you’re fine with the act of abortion. Describing exactly what happens is not an attack, it’s a statement of fact. Am I attacking those who had a tonsillectomy, if I say they had their tonsils sliced out? Am I judging the operation? I think people have to stop having knee-jerk reactions to words, and start having intelligent interactions. Our society depends on it.

          • Shirilicious

            Honestly no offence to you, but I don’ even know how respond to what you just wrote. It’s convoluted self-righteousness. Assuming, guessing, revealing that your assumption was just a guess, all this does not hide what you think about abortions (“holocaust euphemized as ‘choice”) and what you consequently think about people who get one. If people choose to abort you judge them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what they are going to do in such a situation or if you’re just guessing, because as soon as they choose the path you don’t like, to put it mildly, you are judging them. As for your comparison of abortion with tonsillectomy, would you ever describe the latter as holocaust? I’m taking a wild guess now and will say that you wouldn’t even dare to think about it. And exactly there lies the difference.
            I believe that the most intelligent interactions we as human beings can have is through words. Language is the most important tool we have as means of communication. And if you don’t want knee-jerk reactions, how about you get off your high horse and start with yourself.

          • Mig

            No offense taken, even though you have totally misread **me**. 1) Am I required to hide what I think about burning babies with saline or dismembering them? 2) And how does my opinion of that ACT reveal what I think about the people who have an abortion? For the record, I have great empathy and compassion for women who get abortions. I think they are being lied to by the mainstream to believe that abortions are merely a choice, and I think they suffer greatly after having them. I think they find themselves in a difficult situation, and get prodded to make a ‘choice’ that they have to live with for the rest of their lives.

            You really sidestepped my point about the tonsillectomy. To answer your question, I wouldn’t describe it as a holocaust because it doesn’t take the life of a defenceless human being. 3) Now my point was that if abortion is merely a choice, and there’s nothing wrong with it, then why is describing it so bad? Describing a tonsillectomy wouldn’t be bad, but describing an abortion is “uncalled for” (to use the wording of the charge against me).

            I don’t know what high horse you think I’m on. I assure you, I think nothing of the sort. I am perfectly able of having opinions about things without condemning those who do those things. There but for the grace of God, go I. 4) BTW, what knee-jerk reactions have I displayed?

            ps. I number my questions because I hope to get answers to each of them.

    • Anonymous


      Couldn’t agree with you more. If this was any other celeb/politician’s daughter, it would be totally different. Bristol is saying she had sex (and therefore a baby) too young and is trying to convey this to young people in order for them to prevent making the same mistakes. A baby is a blessing, yes, but it changes your life FOREVER. You can’t go back to living carefree…. your life’s path changes. That is the greater part of the message here. Having unprotected sex leads to many life changing occurrences.

      I think she is BRAVE speaking out about this and hopefully some kids will listen. People just love to bash the Palins and can’t stand that many, many Americans LOVE them. Their 15 minutes of fame is now a lifetime of fame and they are trying to do good things in the world.

      • Anonymous

        Are you kidding me? Get a grip. She’s doing it for the money. And she didn’t have a choice re: the baby she didn’t even want. Sad all around. Family values, you betcha!

        • Betty Boop

          Bristol makes no money to do this or say anything. She works a regular day job. Know your facts before you spew out idiocy.

          Secondly, this whoever person Melissa is the one making the money and whoring herself to the media. Do you understand the facts better now?

  • Jess

    Completely disagree with Marissa. Why don’t we applaud Bristol for realizing she wasn’t making the most responsible choice and changing her ways. I mean, with the high statistics of teen moms getting pregnant again relatively soon after their first, this is wonderful of Bristol.

  • Anonymous

    This fat broad is just that!! Marissa should go to Celebrity Fit Club and worry about her own demons and stop worrying about everyone elses. Just because she doesn’t like the Palins or agree with them doesn’t give her the right to bash them. Bristol has owned up to her past indiscretions so give her credit.

    Marissa is just another loud mouthed media whore trying desperately to make a career out of nothing by bashing someone who she doesn’t like. I can’t wait until her 15 minutes are up. Get lost fatty!

  • Anonymous

    I take offense to one person one here posting: Marissa IS NOT a media whore. You have no idea about her or anything else for that matter. The Palins think they are so much better than anyone else, Levi tried to be a dad and they would not let him. The fact the he has been engaged to Bristol twice and she called it off both times, shows that she is the one with the problem. A baby needs two parents if at all possible and they both should go into parent classes to learn how to work together on how to raise their son to be a good person when he becomes an adult. Having Mom and Dad bash each other in the press does nothing but, bring harm to their son, which to me seems like the only person NOT being thought about. Her son needs two parents who whether married or not need to quit being so selfish and think of their son.

  • Audrey

    Run, don’t be on her show. Why put oneself out for abuse if you believe in what your doing. And maybe using herself as an example of what doesn’t work is just the right lesson for some. It will never be the one for everybody but it just might be right for others.

  • Ondine

    Yes Bristol Palin is a shining example of what NOT to do. I might listen to what she is saying had she made the best decision for her bastard baby which would have been to be surrendered for adoption to a male/female married couple who are capable of raising a child and would put the baby’s interests first. That would be a platform that would deserve being listened to and heeded. Anything else from her is just “I need to say something to earn a living” and does not serve either her or her family well. The idea of Bristol Palin as a role model for young people is laughable.

    • Anonymous

      Agree w/you on all points except for the male/female adoptive couple…ANY loving home would be better than the one that poor child is currently in.

      • Anonymous

        Your inability to think logically is astounding. It is clear you don’t like the Palins, but saying any loving home would be better than the one she is currently in is truly the most ignorant statement that I have heard in a long time. Being with her biological mom in a loving home (which the baby is currently in) is the best possible scenario. You don’t have a clue about what would be better for the kid when you make such idiotic statements.

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