Julia Roberts Doesn’t Worry About Her Looks

Eat Pray Love star Julia Roberts doesn’t spend much time worrying about her appearance.

The 42-year-old actress, who is mom to 5-year-old twins, Phinneaus and Hazel, and 3-year-old Henry with hubby Danny Moder, says her own appearance takes a back burner as she spends her busy mornings getting her family ready for the day.

“When you’ve got four people to get dressed to get out the door you don’t really tend to spend a lot of time on yourself,” she explains.

Though Julia happens to be the face of Lancome cosmetics, she insists that her looks have never been much of a priority:

But that’s the way I roll anyway. I was never one to do my hair and make-up just to go down to the market, so it’s really not that much different. If I get a little eye cream on I feel like I’m ahead of myself.

Despite having little time to herself, the mom-of-three still loves her daily routine: “I don’t have the luxury of sitting around anymore. I must have had bags of spare time before I had children but I don’t know what I did with it and I didn’t appreciate it. But it’s such a terrific trade off.”

“And as with anybody who’s a mum or a wife, it just becomes part of your everyday routine,” she adds. “Some days it’s super fun and some days it’s a chore.”

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  • Anonymous

    She’d be beautiful with a rats’ nest for hair and wearing a burlap sack. She doesn’t need to worry about her looks.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah right! That forehead looks botoxed.

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