Alex Reid Says No Wife’s Surrogacy Plans

Alex Reid is unhappy with recent statements made by his new wife, Katie Price, that she would love to act as a surrogate mother for her friend and make-up artist Gary Cockerill and his husband Phil Turner.

The 34-year-old cage fighter insists that under no circumstances would he ever allow Katie to become a surrogate:

We’re going to have words, I think. That isn’t happening, not while I’m around. That was said when I wasn’t around, fair enough, then I come round, but that isn’t happening now.

He does, however, admitted that he’s allowed himself to be “henpecked” by the British glamour model from time to time: “What man isn’t henpecked? But I allow myself to be henpecked,” says Alex. “And the second I don’t want to be henpecked, she knows.”

“When the foot is down, the foot is down!”

Katie admitted just last month that she’d be delighted to help Gary and Phil welcome a child in the future, saying, “I would definitely be a surrogate mum for Gary and Phil if they want to have children. They’re a big part of my life and I’d love to help them out in that way. But I do want to have children with Alex before I do that.”

Does Alex have the right to tell Katie she can’t be a surrogate?

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  • nnire

    no one has the right to tell someone what they can and cannot do to their body.

    that being said, carrying someone else’s child (especially using one’s own egg, which is not clear in this situation) is a huge and personal commitment, and i would personally be very upset with my partner if she agreed to do this without considering my opinion or how it would affect our marriage. it’s big enough to be a marriage ‘deal breaker’, imho.

  • Gigi

    If he wanted to be a sperm donor for some lesbian friends, could she tell him no way? If she could put her foot down about something that will not involve his body being tied up for nine months, then he should have some say about what she does for her friends. To me, it’s like lending friends money while married. It should be discussed and agreed on by both partners in the marriage.

    In fact, I have a gay friend who agreed to be a sperm donor even though his partner didn’t want him to and it ended up causing problems in their union that eventually led to a breakup. If Katie respects her husband (and I’m not sure she respects anyone but herself) then she should make sure he’s ok with her being a surrogate.

  • Mina

    She should get her tube tied and that’s all. she’s such an idiot.

  • ivy2

    what does henpecked mean?

  • Natalie

    Ivy – Its a kin to ‘under the thumb’ or ‘she wears the pants’ 🙂

  • Anna

    Maybe they should discuss these things together instead of through the tabloids?

  • Anonymous

    She is not stable enough to be a surrogate. Period.

  • Anonymous

    he has no right to tell her she can’t be a surrogate for a friend that wants a child but can’t have one themselves for one reason or another. him saying this is like somebody saying to a woman that wants kids and has to struggle through miscarriages/infertility that she isn’t meant to be a mother. yet she battles through and eventually successfully gives birth to her desired and dearly loved children.

  • Anonymous

    Her body-her choice. He should shut the F up esp. since they are not married. She should kick him where it hurts for those comments (and I am NO fan of hers by any means)

    • Anonymous

      Oops-just saw that they are “newly married.” If they are starting off like this, odds are pretty good this marriage will go the same route as her other 2.

  • joeyjojo

    Of course he has the right to tell what to do. Just as she has a not to listen to him.

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