David Gray On The “Enchantment” Of Fatherhood

Currently in the midst of an ambitious tour, 42-year-old musician David Gray tells USA Today he’s “trying to achieve some kind of unachievable balance” between his career and his home life with his wife Olivia and their daughters Ivy and Florence.

Reflecting on fatherhood, the soulful singer says that being a parent “deepens your relationship with your world. Anybody who has been parent knows that having a child includes a certain amount of compromise and unbelievable enchantment. It’s had a profound effect on me as a person.”

Relationships are a common theme in the This Year’s Love singer’s music.

“Love is dramatically misrepresented 95% of the time in our culture, so I want to paint it as I feel it,” David explains. “I cry it from the rooftops.”

As for his own 17-year marriage, he says he wishes he “could fall in love again, but it’s hard to make that happen. You do your best getting the flame to flicker back to life.”

The British-born singer’s new album, Foundling, hits stores this week.

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