Tori Spelling Tries To Balance Family Life And Career

Tori Spelling says it’s a challenge to balance home life and a career.

Speaking to US magazine, Tori says she wants to do it all. She states, “I’m passionate about everything in my life. Obviously my family and my kids are my priority. I want to be that stay-at-home mom, but I want to build an empire at the same time.”

The reality star admits that raising her two kids, Stella, 2 and Liam, 3, with Dean McDermott has taken a toll on their marriage.

“Four years into a marriage, we never thought we’d be having these issues and having problems,” she says. “But you never think ahead what it’s like to have kids, and a lot of our issues came from different view points on parenting.”

She adds that they continuously have to work on their relationship.

We had communication breakdown, but we’ve worked through that. We’re still working on stuff, but I think relationships are a work in progress,” Spelling says. “It all takes work, but if you love that person, you’re willing to do the work.”

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  • Anonymous

    duh, Tori!?!? If you didn’t marry such a loser, you won’t have to work your butt off and you can actually spend more time with your kids instead of doing these book tours (I can’t believe you penned 3 books) or designing (reallly?) children’s clothes, along with pimping your kids, reality show etc….what empire are you trying to build? Tori, we can’t have it all…I know you grew up priviledged and so used to having it all, but what kind of values are you teaching your children? Just live a simple life like you envisioned but the problem with you is your lifestyle that you’re so accustomed to.

  • Samantha

    yes it’s really difficult for a young mother to conciliate business and family, it requires a lot of will…
    Inna Madonna

  • nanpan

    I feel like she’d look better if she just put on a few pounds. She looks emaciated.

  • nosoupforyou

    She’s stating the obvious.

  • Valentina

    She looked much prettier when she had a bit more weight on her. Just living in Hollywood and raising a family there would be stressful I think. It’s like some kind of surreal world. Dean seems critical and overbearing in some ways…I doubt being married to him is an easy haul.

  • Anonymous

    I think what she says sounds very wise! Marriage and relationships are not easy but if you really love someone it’s worth it!

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