How Katie Holmes Balances Work With Motherhood

Katie Holmes seems to be finding the right balance between family life and work. It helps that she can bring 4-year-old Suri to movie sets and that husband Tom Cruise can fly back to see them when he finishes filming.

She tells New York Magazine, “We have quite a schedule, you know? We don’t say, “When I’m working, you don’t work,” or anything like that. Last year he was shooting Knight and Day and I was shooting The Romantics, and we’d just fly to see each other after we wrapped.

“And we homeschool Suri—she has a teacher who is with her every day. We like the one-on-one education. I’m happy that my daughter is strong-willed and determined. You really have to go with what the child is wanting.”

As for being in the tabloids constantly, Katie admits it’s weird but she goes on with her life.

It’s there, it’s one of those things. My big concern is what does he have going, what do I have going, what are we going to do this weekend. It must seem weird, I guess, having so many people watching. It is weird. I get it. But you just, you know, smile and nod.”

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Karyn Climans

We’d all be well balanced if we had private nannies, teachers, chefs, personal trainers etc!


“You really have to go with what the child is wanting.”
Isn’t this the perfect way to raise a spoiled child? And to each their own regarding home-schooling but I think a child benefits tremendously when it interacts on a regular basis with other children their age. Taking into account all that travelling and that Suri’s siblings are far older than her how is she able to develop relationships with other children?

She said “strong willed”, not spoiled. There’s a big difference between letting a child pick out their own clothes, books and toys… and letting them sit in a car without a car seat, run with scissors, walk into traffic, eat gummy bears from breakfast, etc. None of the things these people have ever said about their daughter should make anyone believe she is “spoiled” in the nasty sense of the word. Her choices are endulged, and neither you nor anyone else has any proof that she behaves like a spoiled brat now, or ever will in the future. And you… Read more »

Actually, research has proven that early age interaction with kids their age improves children’s social development.
I know this because I study child development