Max Bratman Is A Tippy Toe Tot

Music marketing executive Jordan Bratman was spotted walking with his son Max after dining together at The Farm in Beverly Hills today (August 16).

The happy 2-year-old – who was sporting an adorable ‘Future DJ’ tee – stood on his tippy toes in order to press the crosswalk button at an intersection. So cute!

Superstar mama, Christina Aguilera, was not spotted with the cute father-son duo.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    no wedding ring? that explains why we never see christina and jordan together. i predict a divorce right before she releases her next album

    • Anna

      That doesn’t mean anything. My father had never worn his wedding ring and he’s been married to my mother for 33 years.

    • ya’eli

      My husband and I never even had wedding rings because we don’t like wearing rings – we spent it on bringing our family, who live in two different countries, together for our wedding day instead 🙂

  • carolyn

    Aw, such a cute pic! Jordan seems like a great dad. 🙂

  • nicoleC

    my mum dont wear ring too,because it makes trouble for houseworks
    MAX is cute !!!for sure,

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful boys soo like dad and bit for mom

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Whoa, poor kid looks just like his father.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe Christina is married to Jordan. lol. She is so fashionable and he looks like someone’s 40 year old dad–complete with old man’s cap and khakis. I guess he treats her right and they are happy together. It’s just funny imagining Chritina with this guy.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, i can’t understand them together. Is she that hard up? This kid looks just like his father, poor kid.

  • bluebear

    Actually, there was a picture of them out car shopping not long ago. I think Max looks like Christina as a kid. As for her husband looks, I would rather have a less handsome man that treated me well, than a knock out that treated me like crap. As one of my friends said “I want to be the good looking one in the relationship”.

  • Ella

    I have actually seen videos of Jordan speaking about Christina and so forth and after listening to him you can see exactly why she is so in love with him. Also, Jordan has never worn a wedding ring and he does not care for rings — the same jeweller who designed Christina’s engagement and wedding designed something for him like a lock and key type thing where he wears the ring around his neck. There is an old video of it somewhere, right after they got married they explain the whole thing.

  • Max is unfortunately a mouth breather like his chinless daddy. Drives me nuts!!!

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