Report: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie To Design Kids Clothes

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie the latest celebs to launch their own clothing line?

The Mail on Sunday reports that the uber-famous parents-of-six are putting the finishing touches on their line of kids clothes – with all proceeds to go to charity, of course.

The fashions are apparently inspired by the wardrobe preferences of their four oldest kids – Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 4.

Little Shiloh’s tomboy sense of style has been the topic of much discussion lately. Angelina recently weighed in on the debate, saying, “I have a very strong-willed four-year-old girl who tells me what she wants to wear and I let her be who she is…. I think people think kids should be a certain way, but I feel they should wear what they feel like wearing and they should express themselves. “

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  • mslewis

    It’s funny to me how these Brit rags come up with these silly stories. There is a story today from one of them that Angelina will play Marilyn Monroe in a movie adapted from a book where Marilyn’s dog is the narrator. HA!! Now, they are going to design childrens’ clothes. Somebody needs to tell me how these Brit rags know all this and there is not one peep out of the American rags. Whatever. I won’t hold my breath for either event.

  • Anonymous

    oooh look! once again it’s the world’s most overrated and annoying couple! who cares.

    • Anonymous

      If you find them so irritating and overrated, then why are you bothering to comment? They must interest you in some respect for you to take the time to read the article and leave a comment.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if they are overrated. They are overexposed. Seriously how many ridiculous articles are going to appear underneath that same photo.

  • do-be-fooled

    They are not the ones putting themselves on the cover of these mags…so if they are overexposed…it is because people want to see them with good or bad articles.

    I don’t think they are overrated. They are still making good movies and people are willing to go watch them.

  • Anonymous

    no one wants to dress thier young children and babies covered in plain black white & grey, the funeral look is just sad

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