Sandra Bullock & Jesse James Stay Civil For Kids’ Sake

Sandra Bullock doesn’t want Jesse James, but she still wants his kids. Sources are saying that Sandra and Jesse are communicating these days, but only so that Sandra can still be involved in the lives of Jesse’s children, Sunny, 6, Chandler, 15, and Jesse Jr., 12

“She’s doing it especially for Sunny,” a source close to the actress says.

“She is not ready to give up on Jesse’s children. She wants to be in their lives and continue to spend time with them. Sandra will not be letting him back into her life otherwise. She is holding strong and firm to her solo future plans.”

Those solo future plans including raising adopted son Louis. “Sandra is moving on with her life and settling into single life just fine. She is busy with baby Louis, work and friends,” the source says.

“They are selling their joint L.A. home together and Jesse has his own L.A. place. Sandra will split her time between Texas and New Orleans and Jesse will split his time between LA and Texas.

“Sandra and Jesse speak infrequently, via email and other people,” the source continues. “It’s a lot to take on so close to their break-up … but it is all about the kids. Her friends are worried about her being close to him at all, but Sandra knows what she wants. Jesse can only get back into her life if Sandra chooses and she is nowhere near that place.”

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That is such bull!! Sandra was oblivious up until the Awards where she professed her love for her husband…She still loves that man and knows that her “love” for Sunny will keep him around. The Baby Louis is just a prop to expel the racist findings of Jesse… I believe she “divorced” Jesse on paper for the world and her career..She moved because it would tarnish her image and all the support she received, jmo