For Cynthia Nixon, Unemployment Means More Time With Family

Contrary to popular belief, Cynthia Nixon says there are good things about being unemployed. For the Sex And The City star being an out-of-work actor means she gets to spend more time with family.

Cynthia admits she has long stretches without work, but she doesn’t let it get her down – it just means more time to spend with her two children, Samantha, 13, and Charles, 7 and partner Christine Marinoni.

“On the one hand, you do have many opportunities, but on the other hand, you’re far more constricted and constrained,” Cynthia said. “So I have long periods of unemployment, which I also enjoy very much. I have a family. I have a partner. I have a home. I love the downtime.”

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin

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