Is Neil Patrick Harris Quitting Acting To Be A Stay-At-Home Dad?

NPH leaving show business? Say it ain’t so!

Neil Patrick Harris surprised everyone last week when he announced that he and his partner, David Burtka, are expecting twins. And rumors are that Neil might be about to drop another bombshell – sources say that the How I Met Your Mother star is thinking about quitting acting to become a stay-at-home dad!

“Neil has been working his butt off since he was a little kid,” a source tells PopEater. “Everything was about his career until he met his soul-mate, David. Now, with twins due in October, Neil is thinking about taking a break. Moving from Hollywood to New York City to be a full-time daddy.”

Neil was reportedly spotted house hunting in Manhattan a few months ago, and sources say that he and David are planning to tie the knot in a big wedding ceremony soon.

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  1. Anonymous


    His twitter is well-known (@actuallyNPH) and easy to check, and he denied this hours ago. Next time, maybe try checking facts before re-publishing a rumor.

  2. klutzy_girl

    This isn’t true. Neil denied it on Twitter hours ago.

  3. Shirilicious

    Wanted to say the same as the girls above. It’s been already debunked.

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