Lisa Marie Presley & Family Land In London

Can’t help fallin’ in love with these two!

Lisa Marie Presley was seen arriving at Heathrow Airport in London, England from Los Angeles with her husband Michael Lockwood and their gorgeous 1 1/2-year-old fraternal twin daughters – Harper and Finley – on Tuesday (August 17).

The Presley-Lockwoods call England their home. The 42-year-old daughter of the late Elvis Presley said that the move has been a good one for the family. “The civility, the culture, the people and its beauty have reawakened me and have smoothed out some of my bleak and jagged views about people and life,” she said.

Lisa Marie is also mom to 21-year-old daughter, actress and model Riley Keough, and 17-year-old son Benjamin. Their father is Lisa Marie’s ex-husband, Danny Keough.

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    either her kids are VERY long legged or SJP twins who are about the same age are very short legged. Because her twins look like they are way way to big to be in those carriers and SJP’s don’t.

  2. cemetreesc

    wow, i have to agree those kids are way too old to be in those baby bjorn carriers. they are not the new comfort version and evem if those kids are less than 25 lbs at 1 1/2 years they still really shouldnt be in baby bjorns anymore

  3. Anonymous

    They must be so uncomfortable. They are much too big to be in those carriers!

  4. Heart

    That looks so uncomfortable…

  5. Anonymous

    ^^There is a weight limit to the carriers, they are probably close if not over the weight limit.

  6. cemetreesc

    no, i just think most parents know that the majority of baby bjorns get uncomfortable for both parent and child before the 25lb weight limit. she has money i would think she could at least invest in a couple carriers that are back carriers or even something like the ergo or beco.

  7. Anonymous

    I wish people wouldn’t use those crotch dangling carriers. Too big or not, even newborns should never be in them and certainly not facing forward.

    Babies are not meant to be straight backed… they are meant to sit on their bottoms, curved back, with their knees higher than their bums, not dangling by their crotches. This puts HUGE amounts of stress on their spines and hips. Also, forward facing does not allow the child the opportunity to turn away from all the stimuli and noises bombarding them. Facing Mom or Dad allows the baby to “tune out” and rest his/her head on the parent’s chest. Babies who are often forward facing has been shown to have a harder time to fall asleep at the end of the day as well as relax, as this they are processing the massive amounts of stimuli they encountered. Babies don’t have the filters we do, to block out colors, sights, faces, sounds etc…

    And please, no one respond to me, telling me to mind my business or to call me names. Parents should know this information when it comes to their precious babies.


  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous you are a great parent who has done their research and it show. I wonder what a single woman like LMP who has never worked a day in her life and who’s husband has stopped walking is doing not knowing the information you do. Maybe she is just lazy to look it up or lazy or greedy about giving her children the best. I mean she can afford the time to bash people and swear publicly and talk about them an write fake blogs when they are gone, so she should have time to buy them the appropriate stuff since she has the time and money to go around the world.

    But then again even though I doubt her children will suffer seriously from this, I do think the karma that she talked about is catching up with her. No one has any thing good to say about her for the most part in recent times, when she tries to do good people bash her, and even when she is just being normal and going out, all people want to talk about is how she still looks pregnant in fear that she will sue again even though they are just trying to call her fat indirectly and other people who see her like most of the people here, notice things she is doing wrong with her parenting, and even when she posted pictures of her twins on their first birthday, all people noticed was how cold the looked when she was all covered up in the name of pictures. LMP “You can’t expect to go around treating people a certain way and expect nothing to happen, the karma police will get you” in your own words.

  9. cheetah

    sorry for posting twice lol

  10. Anonymous

    Kids are adorable.
    Nice hair extensions showing there on LMP head. lol
    Good riddance to her, she has forgotten where she came from and who put her w
    here she is, all she can do is bash her own country and people. She has money but she sure doesn’t have any class.
    I hope her dad can’t see the mess she has become and made out of her life. Even her “singing” career went nowhere because she is too lazy to make anything of herself on her own.
    For those defending her bunch of losers afraid to say it like it is.

  11. Anonymous

    Marilyn her husband is American. ..she leads him by the nose. He has no backbone.
    She is under delusion press will be better in England.Hah!
    She will be back when she misses the press and her ill gotten fame.

  12. Anonymous

    Those kids are adorable but they look “freakish” sitting in those carriers. As much as we knock J Garner for carrying her kids ALL OF THE TIME, I would rather see LMP carrying than in those awful carriers which they outgrew years ago.

    Cute little ones though.

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