Kendra Wilkinson Plans Post-Babies Liposuction

New mom Kendra Wilkinson plans on getting back to her pre-baby shape with the help of a little liposuction.

The reality star, who welcomed her son Hank last December, tells Star magazine, “Having a nine-and-a-half pound baby stretched me out so much, I have all this loose skin that just won’t go away… I had a C-section, which changed everything and put a bump in the road to my weight loss. I didn’t get liposuction after Hank, because I knew I wanted more babies. But I will 100 per cent have lipo after my second baby, because until then, I know I will never be satisfied looking in the mirror.”

Kendra recently revealed that she and her husband Hank Baskett plan to start trying for baby #2 soon!

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  1. Anonymous

    Wasn’t she the one that said she liked her new curvey body??

  2. Anna

    She seems very insecure and immature. She looks good, don’t go under the knife unless medically necessary!

    • Fabulous

      “don’t go under the knife unless medically necessary!”

      because u say so? it’s her body. people should be able to do what they want with their bodies, regardless of what anyone thinks. kendra had a fabulous physique pre- pregnancy and i understand if she wants that back. maybe she is insecure, so are alot of people famous for what they look like and even people who aren’t famous. people want them to be perfect, but don’t want to realize it takes hard work and sometimes you still don’t get the results you want (in the gym). it seems like ur insinuating that because she’s insecure, she’s immature… if so, that doesn’t make sense, there is no correlation. ps. i’m assuming ur not a doctor so, how about u don’t give advice without proper licensing!

      yes, i am a doctor… u can call me dr. Fabulous!

  3. Lilly

    I agree completely with Kendra! I am planning on doing the same. Some women don’t understand what other women deal with when you have had a beautiful body for your entire life and it becomes completely different once you have a child. I have gone back to my pre-baby size but…a little lip and and a boob lift would be great!Waiting until after baby#2..hey if you look disgusting-then you’ll feel disgusting.

    p.s. everyone is entitled their own way of thinking 😉

    • Anonymous

      Maybe if you are that self centered you shouldn’t have children! Your body changes as you age and after having children, everyone knows that if you decide to have children you have to be willing to go through some changes physically, it’s part of the deal. A beautiful healthy baby is much more important than a beautiful body. There are many women out there who will never be able to experience pregnancy and having children and would gladly take any changes in their physical appearance just to have a child. It’s time to grow up and get over yourself — it isn’t all about you anymore, you have children

  4. Anonymous

    Kendra get over your appearance already, and extra 5 pounds is not the end of the world!

  5. Anonymous

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