Luciene Salomone Asks Mother-Daughter Fashion Victims: “You’re Wearing That?!?”

Luciene Salomone confronts mother-daughter fashion victims in her new show You’re Wearing That?!? With humor and motherly love, Luciene confronts all sorts of offenders: From a mom in off-the-shoulder fishnet tops and her daughter’s towering silver moon boots, to a mom’s multi-colored spandex and a daughter’s all-plaid everything. During the one-hour season premiere on Thursday, August 19th, Luciene helps American Idol alum Kimberley Locke and her mother Christine’s with their fashion struggles.

Lucience, a New York-based stylist and mom-of-one, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her new show, some great fashion tips for busy mom and some sure-fire ways to help your tweens and teens stay fashionable (and happy!) on a budget.

CBS: Tell us about your upcoming show, You’re Wearing That?!? We hear it’s a mother/daughter makeover show…Tell us all about it.

LS: “I am so proud to be part of this wonderful show. You’re Wearing That?!? is about mothers and daughters who take issue with the way the other dresses. As you know, the mother/daughter relationship can be a very emotional one. Usually, the desire for change in the other comes from a place of love and wanting the best for the other. I always say there isn’t anyone a daughter wants to please more than her mother and there isn’t anyone a mother loves more than her child. So with that, there are lots of emotions and lots of buttons being pushed. As host of You’re Wearing That?!?, I meet with the mother and daughter and we discuss their issues in both the way they dress and their relationship.”

CBS: Is it like What Not to Wear for moms and daughters?

LS: “The show is different than most other makeover shows because it is up to the mother and daughter to make the other over. Each person shows us examples of how they typically dress. Then the other person tells us what they would like to see for the other.

While I give them advice and direction when we go shopping, they are the ones who ultimately make the final selection. It’s a very bonding process for the mothers and daughters to become the other’s stylist. In every case they really work at selecting not only something that will look great, but something that the other person will love.”

CBS: What are some of the worse fashion crimes you see mothers and daughters making?

LS: “I would say the worse crime is when a mom doesn’t lead by example. It is so easy for someone to say, ‘You should do this or that or wear this or that.’ But it is another story to actually do for yourself what you are suggesting for your daughter. You can’t ask your daughter to dress more appropriately if you yourself are dressed inappropriately.

I also think moms have a responsibility to take care of themselves. Over and over I see moms that just lose interest in the way they dress or look. Daughters want their moms to look their best because they love them, so it’s important for moms to have enough love, not only for their families, but also for themselves, to look and feel their best.”

CBS: Please tell us about your daughter.

LS: “Giuliana is 10 years old. At the risk of sounding like a boastful mom, she is an amazing little girl. She is always happy, and has a great deal of confidence. Giuliana’s interests include tennis, piano, ice skating, acting and dance. We are very close and spend lots of time together. We especially enjoy cooking and gardening as well as shopping.”

CBS: Does Giuliana also like fashion? Do you ever learn any fashion ideas/tips from her?

LS: “Giuliana has an incredible sense of style for someone so young. She loves clothes and putting different outfits together. She never likes certain things because it is the trend or because everyone else is wearing it. She keeps her style very simple and pretty.

Giuliana also acts as my stylist. I love having her with me when I am shopping or getting dressed. She will pick out my shoes or accessories and weigh in on what works best. I truly trust her opinion.

Giuliana has a great interest in learning about dressing and clothes and she will always share something she has read or discovered. For example, she has beautiful long brunette hair and can make the best little knot out of a pony tail. She spent some time trying to teach me one afternoon. It was such fun, but of course mine didn’t come out as good. She is also very creative and will find new ways to wear different things.

So far we haven’t had any big issues. Like every mother and daughter there are those occasions when we will say, “You’re Wearing That?!?” But we’ve established enough credibility to listen to the other’s suggestions.”

CBS: What is your best advice to parents who have children obsessed with wanting the best and most expensive clothes? In these tough economic times, how can we work with our kids on a budget?

LS: “This is such a great question and something that comes up all the time. Our daughters need to know that great style doesn’t come from owning designer clothes. Today, versus when I was growing up, there are so many fashion forward options. The need for designer clothes in kids I believe comes from peer pressure or wanting to be cool and fit in. Encourage them to find their own style and the best part of being young is that they can experiment and have fun with dressing.

Before you set out shopping and arguing in the mall, have a little meeting to look through your daughters existing wardrobe, discuss what she really wants, and set your budget. Have examples of some great stylish looks for less. Be creative. Magazines or websites like People’s Style Watch have example after example of how to achieve a look for less.

This is also a good opportunity to explain to your daughter, that if she is old enough, she may want to get a part-time job so she will have more money for shopping. You will be less likely to butt heads if you spend some time on a shopping plan. Although you are the one who sets the budget and has final approval of what is purchased, you also need to allow your daughter to feel as though they are her choices.

Be patient and approach shopping from a positive prospective. Don’t go into this with a negative vibe and make her feel like this is a chore for you, and don’t constantly remind her that you can’t afford this or that. Reminding them that you don’t have the money only makes them feel badly and want things even more. Explain that the budget is ‘X’ and I know we can find lots of really cool things and can’t wait to spend the afternoon together. If you seem to be enjoying the experience she will too.”

CBS: You come from a middle class upbringing, and you learned that dressing well gives you a sense of a rich life. Please elaborate.

LS: “My mother was always well dressed and taught me so much about style. While we were indeed middle class growing up, she taught me that you didn’t need a lot of money to look great. She would always buy less but better quality, look for things on sale, stay true to her style and love and enjoy everything she had. She also taught me the importance of details and having things altered to fit properly. When you look your best you just feel better. And feeling good is the greatest richness there is in life. It is in the presentation you make every day. Being well dressed and pulled together sets a tone for the rest of the day and gives you a certain amount of confidence.

The richness I speak of is about the details and beauty in all areas of our lives, not just dressing. It’s about finding the simple pleasure of beautiful flowers, a good book, a delicious meal, and a clean and orderly home. There is something to be said for simple elegance. I see so often that people acquaint richness with an abundance of stuff and think the bigger, the flashier, the louder the better. I don’t think that could be farther from the truth. For me it has always been in the details and quality.”

CBS: What are some great tips for busy moms on a tight budget that would like to work on their wardrobe?

LS: “It is really important for moms, especially stay-at-home moms, to have a style. Don’t fall into the trap of running around in work-out clothes or sweats. Put a little effort and attention into the way you dress every day. Soon, it will be second nature.

First, determine what style is best for you. Go through magazines or online and find a look that suits your body type and lifestyle. Be your own editor. Don’t feel pressure to have every trend for every season. Then take inventory. Go through your existing wardrobe and determine what works and what doesn’t. If you feel overwhelmed, enlist some help from a friend. It will amaze you how much easier it will be to get dressed with a leaner, more functional wardrobe. Before you go shopping make a list of must-have pieces and stick to it. Spend more on important basic pieces and less on seasonal trends.

Keeping a basic functional wardrobe is key for a busy mom on a budget. She can mix and match separates and update her look every season with inexpensive pieces and accessories. Be creative. Buy inexpensive clips and embellishments and clip them on to a basic black pump for an instant evening shoe. Or, try working a scarf as a belt or as a halter top under a jacket. Try kicking up a basic black sweater with tons of strands of pearls.

Don’t be afraid to alter things. There isn’t one piece of clothing that I buy that I do not have altered to fit perfectly. Fit is truly the most important thing. Get a great basic dress from Banana Republic or H&M and have it altered to the perfect length and fit and it will look like a designer piece! Pull out the pieces in your closet that were expensive and good quality but a bit out dated. Refresh them by raising a hem line or shortening the sleeves to bracelet length.

Also, allow yourself the time to shop. When you are in a rush you often spend more money and buy pieces on impulse that don’t necessarily work. There are some amazing buys in discount and outlet stores as well as merchandise on sale. Just be careful and stick to what you need. When you shop for a new piece, you should be able to wear it a couple of different ways with several other items in your wardrobe. Don’t purchase something because it’s a great buy or on sale. Ask yourself where am I wearing this, what am I wearing this with, and how often can I wear it.”

CBS: We all wish we could all have a personal stylist like you! How can we get great and free fashion advice for our body types?

LS: “Go to and submit your questions and a photo to the Style Solution page. I am happy to offer free advice on any fashion emergency or body type questions.

For more specific advice and help with shopping, many larger department and specialty stores offer personal shopping services. Speak to someone beforehand regarding what you are looking for and your available budget. This is a great way to get learn more about how to shop for yourself.”

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Just what the USA needs… another show of judging a women’s appearance.


I loved the show your wearing that?!
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I think she’s amazing!;))