Ali Landry’s Breastfeeding Mishap

When it comes to motherhood mishaps, model mama Ali Landry has a doozy to share.

Ali, whose adorable daughter Estela is now 3, recalls a particularly treacherous breastfeeding experience that happened while the family was stopped at a gas station

“I’m pumping the gas, I hear her crying. I lean over her car seat to nurse, hoping no one would see,” she says. “My husband gets back in the car – he thinks I’m done pumping the gas, starts the car, takes off. We rip the gas pump off the hose. A couple thousand dollars later, at least my baby was happy and fed!”

Ali is just one of the celeb moms who is collaborating with to promote National Breastfeeding Month.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Sarah G.

    Haha! I love Ali! 😀

  • Desiree

    Haha, omg that’s too funny! (And a little dangerous, hah. I hope there wasn’t too much a gas spill!)

  • bambi

    Oh no, but you know what we say, that baby needs to be happy or we’re not happy. love that so many celebs are showing people that BF is not scary or gross.

  • karla

    hahahaha that’s hilarious! I agree though….anything for a happy baby! Beautiful mummy and daughter : )

  • Shirilicious

    This story doesn’t sound believable. How long does it take to pump gas? In the time she got into the car, opened her shirt (or whatever she was wearing) and started breastfeeding, the tank would have been full already.

    • Victoria

      Depends on how empty the tank is

  • Sarah E

    I’m glad everyone was ok! I guess this takes breastfeeding on demand to a whole new level. Baby comes first.

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