Minnie Driver: “I’d Like To Have Another Baby”

Minnie Driver would love to give her 23-month-old son Henry a sibling, but she isn’t sure that’s going to happen.

The 40-year-old actress said, “I’d like to have another baby but I might not, so if that was it, I want to be there for every second of it. He’s everything and I’m not going to miss any of that.”

Luckily, she can take Henry everywhere she goes.

“I am a single mum, his dad’s totally in his life in Los Angeles, it’s all very amicable. But Henry goes where I go. And at the moment, I go everywhere.

“The life of a wandering gypsy is great if you’re Angelina Jolie, it’s amazing if you’ve got a plane and 20 people working for you. And actually I think it’s incredible how they do their life. But it’s just me, on my own.

“Henry has slept in chests of drawers, walk-in closets, hotel bathrooms. He’s amazing, a really funny, kind, amenable little boy.”

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I don’t see why she had to bring anyone else’s family into the conversation just so she could talk about how her kid is cool sleeping in closets cause she doesn’t pay people. I wonder what the original question was to make her bring them up. It sounded petty.

Could just be me though.

No, it’s not just you. I thought is was a bit petty also. I mean, surely she can afford a nursemaid (she is from a rich family in England so she’s not broke) and surely she can afford a suite instead of just a room so Henry doesn’t have to sleep in a “chest of drawers” but, no, she seems to want to sound all holier than thou and not at all like Angelina. I guess, just in case people got them confused!! But then, I’ve never been a fan of Minnie Ha Ha, so I’ll just shut up.

What she said was uncall for…you can talk about your life without bring someone else in it….and they only want to mention Angelina. She wanted to be notice because her career is going nowhere….so bring Angelina’s name in to your conversation and people will talk…good or bad.

By the way…she as money to hire someone to help her so plz stop pretending the jolie-pits are the only one with nannies and travel around the world.


I don’t understand the fuss over her statement. It’s not like she trashed them. She simply used them as an example to show what she means and even complemented them on how they live their lives but simply added that it’s not for her.