Ne-Yo Is “Excited And Nervous” About Baby On The Way

With his first child on the way in January, singer Ne-Yo admits he is starting to feel the weight of impending fatherhood.

“I’m so excited and nervous. It’s amazing – I’m bringing another life into the world. But at the same time, I’m like, ‘Oh c**p, I’m responsible for another human being.’ I don’t even buy my own underwear, where am I going to find his?,” the Champagne Life singer says, but adds, “But I’m so looking forward to it.”

Ne-Yo recently revealed that though he and Monyetta Shaw are expecting a child together, they’re not exactly a couple in the traditional sense.

“I have a friend. Not a girlfriend,” he reportedly told UK newspaper The Sun. “She’s carrying my child but knows I can’t commit. She doesn’t mind other women.”

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  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t mind other women.”

    Not only does he have a lot to learn about kids but he better work on “friendships”

  • HLBronson

    Is that the word crap starred out? Or am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

    What a class act!

  • Cari

    I’m thinking she’s just there for the money, which is why she probably doesn’t mind other women. And he needs to get over himself.

  • Anonymous

    I would go with crap too

    Yes money can make people put up with a lot. Ecspecialy if you don’t have to buy your own underwear!

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, I’m so glad this decent, intelligent, morally unquestionable guy is having a baby.

  • dholmas

    Stupid idiot. Showing what a dirtbag he is.

  • Francesca

    He needs to just be honest…he’s gay and his best friend agreed to bear him a child.

  • allymcbay

    Rappers and hip hop stars are so disgusting, what a pathetic disgusting excuse for a man. He shouldn’t reproduce, the world doesn’t need any more kids brought into this world by piggish irresponsible commitment phobe men. Go to maury slob

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