Swizz Beatz’s Ex Hopes Kids Will All Get Along

Though she’s not exactly a fan of his new bride Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz‘s ex-wife Mashonda says she hopes that they can all put their differences aside for the sake of their children.

Mashonda, who has 3-year-old son Kasseem Jr with Swizz, has publicly accused Alicia of “destroying a family,” saying that she was still with her husband when he and the Falling singer started their relationship.

However, she tells Hip Hop Weekly, “I hope that my son can have a relationship with his sister in Europe and I hope all the children involved will grow together in unity. That is very important to me.”

The baby on the way for Alicia and Swizz will be his fourth child – in addition to Kassam, he is also dad to a 1-year-old baby girl and 10-year-old son.

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  1. Anonymous

    So, if he has a 1-year old daughter by another woman, then Alicia obviously was not the one who ruined their marriage? Looks like it was ruined way before and this woman just needed someone to blame.

  2. Shirilicious

    Mashonda and Swiss Beatz split up more than two years ago which means Alicia and Mr Schnoz here started their affair earlier. If I’m not mistaken it was around the time Mashonda was pregnant and their son is now three. So basically Swiss Beatz didn’t cheat on his ex-wife with that singer in London but on Alicia and she was still stupid enough to go on and marry him.

  3. Ashley

    What it looks like is this guy cant keep it in his pants. I love how they are quick to accuse the woman. The men are a part of it too. I have been through it and it sucks but if it makes you feel better to blame the other woman go ahead. You could call her a home wrecker and it speaks volumes about the kind of woman they are but its not only their fault. This guy is gross and shes going to end up in the same boat as his other THREE baby mama’s. Its like someone going to date Jesse James after what he did. You are asking for whatever you get!

    • Shirilicious

      I disagree with the notion that “it’s not their [the other person’s] fault”. IMO, it’s their fault just as much as the married partner one’s. I’m a firm believer in treating other people just as you would like them to treat you and I don’t think anybody likes to be deceived. And in this case both, Alicia and Schnoz, did this, they both hid their relationship in the beginning, sleeping together behind the woman’s back, lying that they were not a couple then in fact they were. Is he a cheating douche? For sure. Is she just as pathetic? Yes.

  4. Anonymous

    Mashonda is annoying! Swizz and Mashonda were separated when he starting sleeping with the chic in England. The little girl is 2 years old not 1 year old. Mashonda has been in denial for years and she knew about this child.

    It is Swizz decision to acknowlege his daughter not Mashonda. She is no longer his wife. She really needs a life. She constantly talking about Swizz.

  5. Anonymous

    Who knows when he cheated. Who knows if Mashonda was even cheating. Who cares. Personally I think she knew all along and didn’t care who he was with until she realized he was seriously going to leave her. Stupid! Regardless, AK does not deserve the blame for breaking up his marriage. Seems to me he did a pretty good job of that himself before she even entered the picture. There is an older child also. Supposedly Swizz caused Mashonda to lose her child then because of his affair at that time. Why would she even want to be with him if that was the case ? Stupid again?Who knows how many more women there was that didn’t become pregnant by him. None of us know the situation only what we read and that is more than likely not true. So, what right do we have to judge anyone. This is their life. I respect AK very much for not responding to all the media and rumors. I wish her the best with her baby. She seems to be a beautiful person.

  6. Anonymous

    How can you say he cheated on AK with the London person? How do you know that AK and him were even together then? Maybe one or both of them called it off for a while. Rumors! Anyway if she’s ok with it, what’s it to us? It’s their lives. No one deserves to be put through this nonsense. I love AK’s music and will always love her music. What she does in her personal life is her business. I wish her the best and I believe she will be a terrific Mom to any or all of the children.

  7. Anonymous

    Hope his album sells more than 3 copies. He has a lot of baby mouths to feed, a lot of child support to pay and a lot of back overdue taxes to pay. Geez. Regardless of the timing this man is obviously not together in any part of his life.

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