Mindy McCready Denied Visit With Son For Family Funeral

A Florida judge has denied troubled country singer Mindy McCready unsupervised visits with her son, RadarOnline is reporting. Mindy’s attorney had filed an emergency motion on Thursday (August 20) for temporary unsupervised visitation with Zander 4, for the next few days to attend the funeral of Mindy’s grandmother who was recently killed in a car accident.

The motion stated, “The natural mother would like the ability to have her son attend the grandmother’s funeral, however to do so, would require either unsupervised visitation and/or a change in the custodial arrangement for a limited duration of at most five (5) days.”

The country star has recently been in a public battle with her mother, Gayle McCready Inge, who has custody of Zander.

Mindy has been in the news in the past few years for substance abuse and domestic violence issues and for revealing an affair with baseball star Roger Clemens that started when she was only 15.

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  • Anonymous

    Well too bad. There’s a reason why she can’t take the kid for too long. If she wanted sympathy maybe she shouldn’t have been doing so many drugs and focused on him since birth.

  • Tazina

    Some people are not meant to have children and she is one of them.

  • mslewis

    A four year old doesn’t need to be at a funeral anyway. And this woman doesn’t need to be alone with any child, ever. She has shown she has no control over her actions when it comes to drugs and booze. Keep that child away from her, forever!!

  • Mike Stokes

    I know mindy and she is not the monster people think, she has made mistakes in her past but has done right by them and she continually gets punished, this judge in florida has a personal issue with mindy in my opinion and it is so unfair. i support u mindy.

  • Judge Judy

    If her mom has custody, and it is a family member who has passed, why don’t they both go to the funeral?
    Funerals aren’t really for children anyways, but compromise if it is so important.

  • BillD53A

    I live down the street from Mindys mother. I just ran into her on Tuesday. Why is it I never heard about this? Its amazing the fairy tales that appear in the media. I was in the same room with her grandmother on Aug 23. She wasnt dead when I saw her. I agree with Mike Stokes, above. I know Mindy too, and the rest of her ffamily too. I also know her counsellor from the rehab she went to in California (the real one). She is NOT the monster depicted by the media. There werea LOT of details left out of their stories about the alleged OD in May. That was another fairy tale. This story is probably a perversion of the story of her being denied permission to attend her cousin’s funeral in 2005…BEFORE her son was born.

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